Coffee with Deb

*taking a sip of coffee* Morning is my favorite time of the day. The little jingle, waking up is Folgers in your cup, comes to mind. Now, you’ll be singing this all day. You’re welcome. While I don’t drink Folgers coffee, I sure do love my morning coffee. Morning routines have been a part of […]

Growing Through the Seasons

Would you agree that growing takes you to that next level? Absolutely! Would you (also) agree that if you don’t, you could lose site of what your ultimate goal is/was? Absolutely! Why, you ask, am I asking these questions? Because we all go through this one time or another. It’s the ever changing seasons of life. […]

Writing gets me swirling…

Good Morning! My mind is swirling with new ideas…the life of a writer, right? Writing is a skill that came from many angles of my life: I taught myself through books and workshops, had guidance by those that have “made it” in the writing world, and found much inspiration through life. Who knew that sitting […]