Occasionally mistakes happen in my patterns, despite my best efforts and the efforts of my skilled test knitters & crocheters. When errors are caught in a self-published pattern, a revised version of the pattern is created and delivered to all the buyers via Ravelry. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to deliver corrected patterns [automatically] to buyers through other websites where my patterns are sold.


Are all your patterns instant download – meaning, Knit On Designs does NOT email them to me?

Yes! All of my patterns are definitely instant download, which means you will receive an email with instructions. I do this as a convenience to you.

What devices works best for downloading my patterns?

The best devices for my instant download patterns are a computer or ipad. Your phone will not allow for downloads. You need to be logged into your browser, NOT on the app. It will not allow for downloads on the app.

Do any of your patterns contain charts?

Absolutely not. All of my patterns contain written instructions.

Do you accept returns or exchanges on instant downloads?

No, unfortunately not. Due to the digital nature, I am not able to refund any money or accept any exchanges. Once it’s paid in full, it’s yours.

I didn’t receive my download. Where could I look to find it?

A couple of places…the email you provided on whichever platform you are purchasing from will send you an email with instructions for downloading your pattern(s). It could also fall in your downloads folder on your computer. Another place you can look, if you’re on Etsy, is in your account under your purchases.

How can I sign up for your newsletter?

A couple of ways. Right here on my website, a pop up comes in. Sign up there. Also, I have a Facebook page with a NEWSLETTER tab along the left side. (again, it shows up in your browser better than on your phone.) Thanks for asking. 😉


If you’re having trouble reading a pattern, you may contact support at Please note, support is to help customers work through and understand how to read the pattern. No online knitting or crochet lessons, or assistance with modifying a pattern, is part of the support.