New Sock Pattern Brings Joy

Siren’s Song Sock Pattern

Hey friends!

I’ve been working hard on getting you some new patterns to knit. This goes right along with me revising my business plan and creating a plan of action.

With the release of my newest sock pattern, Siren’s Song, I’ve had an influx of new followers on my social media channels.

It makes me so happy.

There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy.

Knitting socks brings me nothing but joy. In fact, as I’m knitting the next one (I sure am!), I keep thinking maybe the next ebook should be socks.

It’s obviously something that brings others joy as well.

If you’ve never knit socks before, this pattern may not be the easiest to start with, but this one will. It’s my recipe for a vanilla sock; a sock pattern we as knitters often refer to as having no fancy stitches. Knitting in the round is required with sock knitting.

So, until next time, my friends, keep smilin’!

At Wits End by Kirsten Weiss

I’m over the moon excited about this book. Not only did I have the pleasure to meet her, but I have the pleasure to write with her. Like in a coffee shop, side by side. Eeek…

This book is a cozy mystery set in a B & B. The crime appears in the first chapter. I highly recommend this read. You won’t be disappointed.

Dishcloth Diva Hat Club

…is finally here!

I’m so excited to share with you my next subscription based book. If you haven’t heard, you’re probably thinking what is she talking about? Well, let me explain.

It’s like any subscription, but much cooler in my opinion. *smiling*

You purchase the entire eBook up front, then each month beginning NOW (March) – December, you will receive an update. A new hat pattern.

10 months = 10 Hats

10 months + 10 hats = so many fun hats to give as gifts or keep for yourself.

Details you can count on: Each hat will be easy to understand, written pattern only (no charts), easy to take along with you, intuitive, and the perfect knit project for you to enjoy while attending any event.

So, are you in? Why not, right? Head over to Raverly and pick up your copy. You can begin anytime. But just know, the individual hat pattern will NOT be available until the entire book is complete. A subscription perk!

Knit On!


First Hat. March.

Christmas time in Colorado

We’ve established this decorating theme a couple of years ago and truly love it. It’s a skinny, yet tall  vintage looking tree. The ornaments are a collection of various materials, from fabric stars, to metal bells. Small creatures hang from our tree. Our woodland forest of animal friends sit underneath.  

The mantel holds the little truck and a wooden sign that I made, and our jolly snowmen made of twigs. I think this is my absolute favorite mantle ever. It screams Christmas time. 

This train stands a really good chance of becoming one of all time favorite pieces. If it weren’t for the NOEL behind it, it would stay up all year. 

Our home is decorated simply; vintage touches amongst many of the pieces. 

Christmas is about home. It’s the little things that make it perfect. 

Promise Me…


Hello Friends!

‘Promise me’ is finished! My granddaughter, Jasmine, who just started 6th grade, is the proud recipient of this piece. It’s hanging above her bed. Proud grandma moment.

I enjoyed finishing this stitching so much.

Hobby lobby has canvas for artist. You know, the white inexpensive canvas? Well, they now have burlap canvas. This was the perfect backdrop for this. Don’t you think?

I cut out the stitching and wrapped it around a piece of sticky board just big enough to give it a border. I then cut another piece of sticky board just a bit larger and wrapped a piece of fabric around. I tacked down both pieces in place with hot glue.

Who doesn’t love a hot glue gun. It’s a crafters saving grace.

I then layered the sticky boards together and hot glued them both to the canvas. 

No piece is complete without a bow. Check.

I’m in love with this. And, my granddaughter is too.

If you would like to see what else I’m up to, please visit my Instagram page.

If you’d like to see what my daughter and I are stitching and talking about, please visit our Facebook page.

I hope to see you there!


What if…

Good morning! ☕️

I have had a long few months of no knitting mojo. What? You say.

I know. Sigh…

But, guess what i did last night?


And, it felt good. Though, like every time I knit, my mind goes. It travels to places that help me find peace. This was no different.

I’ve been working on a business plan to relaunch my photography business. It was once (decade or more ago) filled with brides, families, and a few seniors.

I want a different focus (pun intended) this time. A re-branding of sorts is happening.

Creatives in their spaces or at coffee shops creating. This comes from someone (me) who loves to create in coffee shops. I draw, knit and even cross stitch in these places.

It’s a place of inspiration for me, and I’m sure for other creatives as well. A home studio, a downtown studio. Your favorite coffee shop. Any place that you, as a creative, likes to create.

I’m looking for any one who would like portraits, marketing photos, process photos to put on your studio wall, to submit to magazines, or for your own brand. Photos to show to potential clients. Portraits of you doing what you love.

I’m building my portfolio and would like to fill it with creative individuals in their spaces. Whatever that means for you.

What if you’re local to me (Colorado Springs and surrounding areas) and this describes you, then I’d love to talk with you. Please reach out to me so we can discuss all the fine details.

So, until next time,

Stay creative!


I’m all sorts of Crazy…



That got your attention, didn’t it! *smiling*

I’ve been knitting, sewing, and cross stitching, oh my!

Grab your coffee, sit in your favorite comfy chair and have a read.

First things first, I’ve released the July dishcloth to my Dishcloth Diva Club Ebook. Do you have it yet? I mean the ebook? If not, its not too late. Get it HERE.

This simple dishcloth is a stripey patriotic fun knit.


I’ve also been sewing on this tote. I finished it yesterday and love it so much. It carries all my projects effortlessly. Made with cotton fabric and cork fabric (for pockets), this will be my go-to favorite bag. The FREE pattern is called Reversible Box Tote by Very Shannon. It’s so much fun to sew. Goes together very well. Her instructions are easy to follow. I’ll DEFINITELY make this again.

Something that is near and dear to my heart is cross stitching. Years ago when my girls were little (they are now 31 and 35), I took to cross stitching. I made the cutest samplers and had them framed at a frame shop.

I took a decade or more away from it, and began knitting. Soon after I added author to my credentials.

Fast forward to today, I’m back to cross stitching (still knitting). Though, the craft hasn’t changed, the way in which we purchase and frame have. Purchasing is done primarily online. Sadly, there aren’t any stitching shops in my area. I found Stoney Creek online, where I’ve purchased many things. In fact, my order should arrive today. I already have my cart filled (again).

Also, I’ve discovered through FlossTube, Yes, it’s a thing–a YouTube variation for those of us who cross stitch, Priscilla and Chelsea, a mom and daughter team who cross stitch and share. They are my newest obsession. Such enablers, they are. *wink*

Cross stitching is why I called this post what I did. I love a new found craft, even though it’s an old craft for me. I embrace the crazy. Hey…maybe that should have been the name of this post.


Well, that’s all I have for today. I will be back to share my haul from Stoney Creek.

Until next time,

Get YOUR crazy on!