What if…

Good morning! ☕️

I have had a long few months of no knitting mojo. What? You say.

I know. Sigh…

But, guess what i did last night?


And, it felt good. Though, like every time I knit, my mind goes. It travels to places that help me find peace. This was no different.

I’ve been working on a business plan to relaunch my photography business. It was once (decade or more ago) filled with brides, families, and a few seniors.

I want a different focus (pun intended) this time. A re-branding of sorts is happening.

Creatives in their spaces or at coffee shops creating. This comes from someone (me) who loves to create in coffee shops. I draw, knit and even cross stitch in these places.

It’s a place of inspiration for me, and I’m sure for other creatives as well. A home studio, a downtown studio. Your favorite coffee shop. Any place that you, as a creative, likes to create.

I’m looking for any one who would like portraits, marketing photos, process photos to put on your studio wall, to submit to magazines, or for your own brand. Photos to show to potential clients. Portraits of you doing what you love.

I’m building my portfolio and would like to fill it with creative individuals in their spaces. Whatever that means for you.

What if you’re local to me (Colorado Springs and surrounding areas) and this describes you, then I’d love to talk with you. Please reach out to me so we can discuss all the fine details.

So, until next time,

Stay creative!


Rebellious Introspection

In my journey as an artist and blogger, I have leaned toward the rebellious side, seeking out ways to make my work different, breaking the rules, in my own way. Finding content that inspires, yet challenges.

I’m persistent in everything I do, because I keep practicing. That’s the key to anything consistent.

People love to see that I’m not perfect, that they aren’t perfect. They love to see the real me. So, I give it to them.

As a blogger, I have been random with my posts. Rebellious again, in not following any rules. As a creative, I often find myself being real; putting it out there. Embracing imperfection comes naturally. So, I encourage you, do it with all your heart, do it every day. Be the best YOU, you can be.



Blogging is hard work. I used to think it was as easy as pouring a cup of coffee in the morning.

It’s not.

It’s a lot of work. Disciplined, dedicated and creative come to mind. There are times I feel frustrated and not motivated. I often felt it was a struggle to find content, so I’d just put anything out there.

This blog is about to change. It’s a good change. With the reintroduction of my books, a new line of handmade products, and a blog that will be consistent.

I need a new challenge. One that is scary.

So, I ask you to join my tribe, my village. Embark on this journey with me. Take a seat, because it may be bumpy at times. A good bumpy.

Blogging as a creative can only be that.





Inspiring YOUR Creative Side

Hello February 2

First off, Happy February.

Ok, I’m a day late, but I’ve been snowed in with nothing but a warm fire, a hot cup of coffee and my knitting/micron pens/colored pencils and a sewing machine. I’m sure you understand.

So, here’s what I’m thinking. Inspiring A Creative Life is the theme to this blog. Why not, for the month of February, have a daily or every other day challenge. However you want to work it. I know, this will be for my own good as well as yours. It will keep us from being challenged with “what do I do now”. Yes, I have work stuff I could do, but this will be more fun, as well as, continue to feed OUR creative side.

I will provide a list below for the month of February. Yes, today counts.  You can choose to check off all 20 or pick the ones that speak to you. You probably noticed I didn’t do one for each day of the month.

That’s unrealistic. We all have busy lives, yet if you’re following along here on the blog, it’s because Creativity IS in your vocabulary.

Either way, you will be inspiring YOUR creative side. I’d love to see pics–which can be posted on Instagram by using #inspiringyourcreativeside OR here if you’re not an insta kind of girl or guy. Your comments below will be fun to read as well.

I want to be inspired by YOU!

THIS is what inspire me to be me. What inspires You?

Keep in mind, we all interpret differently, so this may be your own idea of what each is. Your style is what’s important here.  This can be photography, drawing, knitting, crochet. It can be sewing or a coloring page. Maybe you doodle or create beautiful hand lettering. Whatever your interpretation is, is what makes it YOURs.

Here Goes…Let’s have funcreativity


February-Inspiring YOUR Creative Side

1: Flower

2: Texture

3: Playtime

4: Family

5: Home

6: Simplistic

7: Circle

8: Line

9: Happy

10: Morning

11: Hobby

12: You

13: Joy

14: Nature

15: Color

16: Mealtime

17: Inspire

18: Knit

19: Round

20: Heart

So, go be inspired, friends! Let’s share, chat, and be AWESOME this month. Show me what you can do.

CoLoR OuTsIdE ThE LiNeS and Find YOUR happy!


Grow Your Art

Hi Creative Friends!

As a creative person, I’m always looking for outlets that will put me in a happy place, or happy space.

I mean, who doesn’t, right?

I wanted to show you a creative space I walked into today…

Grow Your Art is a phrase I noticed as I walked into this beautiful, creative space. Heartseed Studio. It’s a place one can go to be inspired with paint, pencil, marker, yarn (I will be teaching a knitting class there soon), and just about any other medium you can think of. It’s a place I would love to own. My brain went wild on the drive home. That would be my dream, to have a studio space like that. I felt instantly in my (new) happy place. My happy space. They have it all figured out.



They believe artistic expression and creativity is vital to a happy life. You know what?

I do too! Now, more than ever. It’s a way to find YOUR happy. It’s a place you can go to find what inspires YOU. It makes life infinitely more fulfilling. Imagine YOUR life without a bit of creativity. Boring, huh? Imagine working a 9-5 job, coming home to kids/husband/chores, bed, then doing it all over again without squeezing something creative into your day. Fortunately, for me, I don’t have to punch a time clock, but you better believe, if I did, I would certainly have a creative outlet that would release tension, allow me to pull back from a stressful day.

Art makes you happy

Art is a true form of happy. It’s the expression of human creative skill and imagination. Doodling and drawing are my new art forms. Really new. I’ve began “coloring outside the lines” and am very proud of that. My friend said to me last night as I was taking one pattern and making it new, “Way to color outside the lines, Deb.” I hadn’t thought of it that way. I’m a left-brained thinker, coming from the nursing field, and have learned that both sides of my brain can, and do work well together. Most days, anyway.


So, what’s your creative happy? I’d love to know. Please leave a comment below and lets chat about it.

CoLoR OuTsIdE ThE LiNeS and Find YOUR happy!



Interview with Susan Brubaker Knapp – Quilting Arts TV Host – Author & Designer


I was so excited to be asked by Interweave to do an interview with this brilliant lady. Susan Brubaker Knapp. She is known for her art quilts…elegant, fun, yet inspirational. She’s a well-known author and designer. Susan mentions on her blog, “I find great joy in creating works that draw people closer and invite them to savor color, texture and form.” And it’s pretty obvious to me, that’s exactly what she does. 

I myself, am a modern (contemporary) quilter. In fact, my own dishcloth designs were inspired by the modern quilts I would make. Creativity is a lovely thing…

Susan seems so sweet and someone I could (easily) call friend, and such a beautiful person inside and out. As a designer myself, I’m completely in awe of her work, and I appreciate the attention to detail she provides in all her pieces.

There are four places you can find and follow Susan:

Quilting Arts TV

Meet Susan…well-know designer, author, and nationally/internationally known teacher. She reaches a diverse audience that includes contemporary art quilters to traditional quilters. Fwmedia has provided a nice article pertaining to her new role on Quilting Arts TV. I do hope you’ll have a look. Definitely worth your time!

Now let’s chat with Susan…

Hi Susan, you must be over the “Blue MOON River” with excitement that you’ve been asked to be the host of “Quilting Arts TV!” How does that make you feel?

I am absolutely thrilled. Probably the best part is that I will have a front-row seat to see some of the best fiber artists and contemporary quilters in the world while they talk about their work, and demonstrate their techniques. 

I myself appreciate contemporary quilting. As a contemporary quilter myself, I appreciate new techniques, and seeing others work. Where do you hope to take the show?

I’ll strive to continue the shows tradition of bringing in amazing guests who are well-known for their styles, techniques, and their craft. But, I also want to really focus on bringing in newcomers and fresh faces; people that our viewers haven’t heard of yet, but should. About the only criticism of the show that I’ve heard is that people want more, more, more; that they’d like some of the segments to be longer and more in depth, so that they can understand the techniques better, or see more of the guests work. We are definitely going to do that within the next year.

Sounds so exciting. I’ll definitely be tuning in. If I may ask, how many quilts have you made? And do you ever name them? 

Actually, I’ve never counted them. But, I just went to my website to count the original quilts I have documented there, and it looks like I’ve made more than 95 art quilts and 25 traditional and contemporary quilts. (I’ve also made numerous quilts from people’s patterns.) And yes, I always name them. 

That’s a total of 120 quilts plus those that you’ve made from others. I’m so inspired by you! As a (knitting) teacher myself, I respect the various ways in which others teach. What would you say is one of your “signature” techniques you like to teach in your classes?

Right now, wholecloth painting and fusible applique based on original photos are the techniques I teach that are most popular. When I teach, I try to keep everyone moving along at her or his own speed, so I often demonstrate multiple times. I have found that one of the most enjoyable – and at the same time, challenging – parts of teaching is the role of psychologist. People bring all their fears and insecurities to class, and part of my job is figuring out what is getting in the way of them creating the kind of work they want to make, and encouraging them to see that they can do it. I also try to offer solid, constructive criticism that will help people improve. 

A hands on teacher is what I would call you. Obviously, art quilting in your thing, do you include modern design in your work?

I include all types of design in my work. Many of what I think of as my traditional quilts (including lots of the quilts I designed for my pattern business) would be considered either contemporary or modern. Good examples are “Blueberry Jam” and “Polka Party”

Good design is good design, and using the basic principles of art when you make any kind of quilt makes it stronger.



I love those two quilt designs! I also love the pictures of your studio on your website. I can’t help but feel inspired myself while looking at them. How much time do you allow yourself each day/week to create new things?

It depends on the week! I have a busy family with two teenagers, and I travel to teach and speak a lot. Sometimes I only get a few minutes a day; a whole free day is a luxury! But, it is not just in my studio that I am “working”. I am trying hard to make creativity part of my everyday life. For example, when I walk my dog in the morning, I take my camera or iPhone, and photograph interesting things I see. I find that this helps jump-start my creativity each day. I take my sketchbook or handwork when I take my kids to their practices and after school lessons and appointments. I sketch in airports while waiting to board, even the more mundane daily chores – such as cooking, cleaning – can be done in ways that encourage creativity. 

I’m sure everyone asks you, but how did you become interested in art quilting?

In 2005 or 2006, I was desperate for a day out and away from my toddlers, and I signed up for a class with Bonnie McCaffery on making portrait quilts. We painted a realistic face on fabric, and at the end of the day I came home with this beautiful face, with a bald head. I decided to make her into a mermaid, since my oldest daughter was obsessed with them at the time. As I worked, I became obsessed too, but with the process of creation. It was like I was on fire. I had never realized that I was capable of making this kind of art. I barely slept the month I made “Teach Me to Hear Mermaids Singing,” and when I was done, I knew that I was forever changed. I had figured out how to harness the creativity that had been waiting inside me, and used it to get to a place in my brain and my soul that I never knew existed. It was truly an epiphany.

You know, we learn so much from others in the industry. Any industry leader can help us see things in a new light. Susan definitely can do this. 

Thank you, Susan, for sharing your story and giving us in-site as to who you are. I thoroughly enjoyed this time.

So as I always say,

Knit (Quilt) On!

Susan Brubaker Knapp will be the new host of Quilting ArtsTV, a national PBS television program where top quilt artists and modern quilters discuss and demonstrate ideas and techniques for contemporary quilting. – See more at: http://www.fwmedia.com/press-room/quilting-arts-tv-names-new-host#sthash.jN9TkDNv.dpuf
Susan Brubaker Knapp will be the new host of Quilting ArtsTV, a national PBS television program where top quilt artists and modern quilters discuss and demonstrate ideas and techniques for contemporary quilting. – See more at: http://www.fwmedia.com/press-room/quilting-arts-tv-names-new-host#sthash.jN9TkDNv.dpuf