What Knitting or Crocheting Can Teach Us

  As a designer, I spend many hour escaping into the Ravelry world, an amazing knitting and crocheting community (website) where people come and stay. For hours sometimes. I click through 10, 15, 100 versions of the same shawl pattern (or dishcloth, sock, scarf, hat pattern), looking intently at the yarns used, the projects created […]

Olympic Knit Pattern Inspiration

Knitting winter hats is fun, you have to agree. Most are quick to knit. This one is no exception. A one skein project, a good Netflix movie, your favorite beverage, and it’s done! FREE pattern for you. Just because…

What’s in a Name?

Good Morning Knitters! I have so much on my mind this morning, I thought I’d just chat with you all a bit. Let’s start with, What’s in a Name? What does that mean? Well… When you hear the name Martina Behm, what designs do you think of? Shawls Heidi May of the Velvet Acrorn? Cute […]

Am I Missing Something?

Hi Knitters! Haven’t we often heard that question, whether someone truly didn’t understand your intentions or they just missed something. Seriously, there’s a way in which it is interpreted. Right? I need to explain to you all what exactly I do, and who exactly my audience is, at this time. I began designing in the […]

Re-vising, Re-writing, and Re-photographing

Hi Knitters!There comes a time when one must update the earliest of patterns. The styling is all wrong. The format of the pattern looked oddly “off”. It was time for a makeover. This pattern was written so long ago, I had forgotten about it. But, after listing all my designs for their much needed re-do, I […]

Change is a good thing — Butterflies do it

Butterflies have such a symbolic meaning, that we all (including me), take for granted.Imagine the “whole of your life changing”, the metamorphosis the butterfly goes through. The amount of transformation that happens from the egg, to the caterpillar, to the cocoon. And from the cocoon, the butterfly emerges.Why this lesson on Butterflies? Let me explain…Change […]

Ringing in the New Year and Thoughts for 2015

Can you believe it’s almost 2015? Well, by the time you read this, it just may be. I’m sitting here working on some business “stuff” as my husband watches a movie. Big partyers, huh? Must be that age thing. Which quickly reminds me, tomorrow is my birthday, yes, New Years Day. 51 years old. I […]

Book Review: Brioche Chic 22 FRESH KNITS for women & men

How many of us have always wanted to learn the Brioche stitch, but was too intimidated to try?*raising hand* Well, let me tell you, this book leaves you fearless when it comes to the ever-so-intimating Brioche stitch. Author(s): Mercedes Tarasovich-ClarkPaperback: Brioche Chic: 22 Fresh Knits for women & menPublisher: InterweavePages: 152 PagesRetail Price: $26.99Let me […]

Your Knitting Gauge

Hey Knitters,I can’t tell you how many emails I get, shout outs on Facebook, and just general, hey Deb, I have a question, kind of thing.Sometime you may feel gauge should be a 4-letter word, am I right? As Knitty States, “From time to time, advice is offered to a knitter who wants to tweak […]