Coffee Shop Hop

Hello there! Do you just love to find the coziest coffee shops to work in; do what you do? It’s my favorite thing to do when I have projects to work on. I find myself getting distracted at home with chores, social media, and just procrastination type things to keep me from doing what I’m […]

What Knitting or Crocheting Can Teach Us

  As a designer, I spend many hour escaping into the Ravelry world, an amazing knitting and crocheting community (website) where people come and stay. For hours sometimes. I click through 10, 15, 100 versions of the same shawl pattern (or dishcloth, sock, scarf, hat pattern), looking intently at the yarns used, the projects created […]

What is Color Inspiration to You

Hi Knitters! I’m always in the mood to create things that help in my color inspiration. Whether, it be paint chips (that I admittedly took in handfuls from Home Depot), Pinterest Mood boards, or browsing through magazines your neighbor hands you as you are getting in your car. It’s all about color theory…basically, how to […]

BOOK REVIEW: Warm Days, Cool Knits

When I receive a book to review, I immediately sit down and flip through. My first thought was, well done Corrina! The layout was simple. The sections referenced the four seasons. And, the photography showed off the details of each piece. Author: Corrina FergusonPaperback: Warm Days, Cool KnitsPublisher: Interweave/F+WNumber of pages: 144Retail Price: $24.99This book allows you […]

Re-vising, Re-writing, and Re-photographing

Hi Knitters!There comes a time when one must update the earliest of patterns. The styling is all wrong. The format of the pattern looked oddly “off”. It was time for a makeover. This pattern was written so long ago, I had forgotten about it. But, after listing all my designs for their much needed re-do, I […]

Magazine Review: Artist & Makers

   Hello Knitters and Creators, I figured since I enjoyed the last issue  so much, I’d share with you the Spring 2015 issue. Magazine: Artists & Makers, Spring 2015Publisher: Interweave/F+W Format: Digital or PaperRetail: $9.99 I’m at Starbucks working away today. The part I love about my job is it’s portable. The other part of my job is, being […]