Coffee Shop Hop

Hello there! Do you just love to find the coziest coffee shops to work in; do what you do? It’s my favorite thing to do when I have projects to work on. I find myself getting distracted at home with chores, social media, and just procrastination type things to keep me from doing what I’m […]

Favorite Newest Podcast

I truly love when I run up against a podcast that I had no idea was out there. Knitting, while nestled in my space, looking for the perfect podcast, I landed on Mandarine’s Podcast; Melody Hoffman, designs inspired by nature, folklore, and minimalism. A delightful voice to listen to, engaging, and charismatic. Pure joy. Take […]

Make Art That Sells

Good Morning creative friends! Today marks Day 1 of my Bootcamp with Lilla Rogers. Do you know of her? Yes? Fantastic, isn’t she? *smiling-fan girl here* No? Let me tell you about her. She is an Illustration agency that represents the best artists. She  licenses and sells work for surface design. You know…those cute, whimsical pieces of […]

Book Review: Scarf Style 2 by Ann Budd

I often run across some pretty cool books. Scarf Style 2 is one of them. Paperback: 26 Fresh DesignsPublisher: Interweave (2013)Language: English Author: Ann Budd It sells for $24.95 US This book has nothing but scarves, hence the title. Who doesn’t love a scarf?  *raising hand*  They appear as elegant and sophisticated, a fashion accessory that […]

Checking In…

Well, we’re here again.  The time I get to share with you, and hopefully enable you, with what’s on my needles, on my Nook, what music has been my go-to, and maybe a bit about my sewing… WIP’S  I’m currently working on a couple new designs, and a pair of socks (for me).  Cookie A, […]