What Knitting or Crocheting Can Teach Us

  As a designer, I spend many hour escaping into the Ravelry world, an amazing knitting and crocheting community (website) where people come and stay. For hours sometimes. I click through 10, 15, 100 versions of the same shawl pattern (or dishcloth, sock, scarf, hat pattern), looking intently at the yarns used, the projects created […]

Re-vising, Re-writing, and Re-photographing

Hi Knitters!There comes a time when one must update the earliest of patterns. The styling is all wrong. The format of the pattern looked oddly “off”. It was time for a makeover. This pattern was written so long ago, I had forgotten about it. But, after listing all my designs for their much needed re-do, I […]

Finish-It Friday

I have had too much time on my hands this week. Not because I’m “out of work”, but because I’ve simply been lazy. Sigh…I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. We all have “one of those weeks.” However, with so much time, I’ve been able to finish many things. My Etsy shop is looking fantastic. […]

Book Review: Scarf Style 2 by Ann Budd

I often run across some pretty cool books. Scarf Style 2 is one of them. Paperback: 26 Fresh DesignsPublisher: Interweave (2013)Language: English Author: Ann Budd It sells for $24.95 US This book has nothing but scarves, hence the title. Who doesn’t love a scarf?  *raising hand*  They appear as elegant and sophisticated, a fashion accessory that […]