From my Loft window

Status: Sipping a diet coke, listening to Jazz music in the background, and watching the snow twirl around in circles outside.

“The weather outside is frightful,” to quote a much-loved Christmas song. It reminds me of days gone by, when I lived in Michigan. The winters were dreadful; much snow, blowing, and ccccold temperatures. This is what Colorado is like today.

The mountains are now in my perv u after 3 days of (much needed) snow. I’d like to think it’s stopped, but by the looks of it . . . I’m not so sure.

Status: Taking a minute to entertain the idea that the beds needs to be re-made due to a recent bout with the washing machine.

It also reminds me that Christmas is here. It really didn’t take much time to get here, as I have felt the year went by quicker than normal. Presents are bought but not wrapped, and the gift cards for the nieces and nephews are signed but not sent. These items will be taken care of within the next week or so. How about you? Shopping done? Presents wrapped? Don’t forget your trash man, mailman, and UPS man. They too service us through the year with not much recognition. (note to self — take care of trash man, mailman, and UPS man)

The writing that takes place in my loft today feels good. Much needed time with Shelby is something that can’t be put off. She’s talking loud and clear, even through all the blowing that’s going on outside my window. She’s being naughty, but somewhat nice. I’m excited to see where this story leads me (us) as we spend some more time in Vegas, baby.

Status: The click of the dryer signals it’s time to re-make the bed.

So I encourage you to stay warm. I’m sure you’re on the radar for some of this white, fluffy stuff. It’s headin’ your way, Mr. Weather Dude says.

As I always say,

Write On!


Rockies Fan!

“Go Rockies” is what I hear on a consistent basis from my granddaughter. She’s only (almost) 3, and has a love for baseball. I’ll surely be putting this beanie on her head the next time she enters the Rockies stadium.
This beanie is fun, stylish and trendy. What kid wouldn’t want to their head adorned with something they love; baseball.

It’s 7″ from top to bottom and stretches to fit any sized head up to 22″ around. Just about anyone young-not-so-young can wear this.

This beanie was inspired because of Jasmine’s love of the sport. But even if you don’t have a love for the sport, you must love the color combination. It’s made with 100% Merino wool. Oh So Warm!

I love to knit beanies of any kind. The creativity flows when my needles are flying.

The cold weather sparks an interest in these little skullcaps, as one kid called it.

So visit my Etsy store, the link is off to the side, and check out all the beanies I have on display. If you have a favorite set of colors, email me or respond to my post here and I’d be more than happy to make on just for you.

So as I always say, Knit on!


Share the Love of Knitting with Others

. . . is so satisfying to me. I’ve recently been asked by several friends to teach them how to knit. Of course! I told them . . . I’d love to share the art of knitting.

Knitting is an art. It’s said that when you knit a sweater or a scarf with your own hands, and give it to a loved one, it signifies love that you feel towards them. So, I get why others want to learn this relaxing/fun craft. The magic that is created by different yarns (fibers), stitches, textures, is an art that enthusiasts get to create and use their imagination. You can take a pattern for example, use a different stitch, add a pom-pom, embroider a snowflake on the hat, and it gives the original design a whole new look.

The needles that can be used come in bamboo, acrylic, glass, or circular. And depending on the size of the needle will depend on what type of stitch you get. A larger needle gives you a larger stitch, and a smaller needle gives you a smaller stitch . . . you get it.

Not only do the needles come in different sizes but the yarn does too. You have lace weight, light weight, DK or medium weight, bulky, or chunky. There are many varieties that run in between all these too. It’s important to read the label of your yarn so that you know what needle size works best for your yarn, therefore allowing the project to come out exactly as it’s supposed to.

Your pattern will give you a needle size and tell you it has to be so many stitches per inch…This is known as gauge. Compare label of yarn to your pattern, and it should work.

Example: Size 7 needle gives you 5 stitches/inch
Size 8 needle gives you 4.5 stitches/inch
Size 9 needle gives you 4 stitches/inch
Size 10 needle gives you 3.5 stitches/inch

Get it??? So my advice is to follow what your pattern is trying to tell you and check the gauge to make sure your product will turn out like you’d hoped.

So, why mention all this when this post was supposed to be about sharing the love of knitting with others… I just want to instill in every knitter, new or seasoned, that gauge plays a huge role in how your item turns out.

So, as I always say,

Knit On!


I’m just sayin’

Status: Realized that today is the day they put the ‘no texting in the car while driving’ law into affect.  Drinking my coffee. Going through todays plans for writing.

Like most people, texting in the car is something we’ve learned over the years of cell phones. We just do it and don’t think of the consequences. We’re driving down the road, our cell phone blings indicating a message. We reach for our phone, while taking our eyes off the road to see who’s texting. No, we can’t wait for the next red light or perhaps until we get to our destination, we have to respond back immediately. This leaves us vulnerable on the road, they say.

This is the  cause of accidents and the reason lawmakers put this into affect. Ya think? Okay, I’m guilty. Are you? I’m sure everyone has been at one time or another. Let’s get this conversation started . . .

Status Update: Coffee cup empty.

My plans for today strictly includes–writing. Yes, I’ve been guilty of that lately. Well, I mean . . . guilty of not writing. Holiday, kids, grandkids, (more) kids, husbands–you know what I’m sayin’. So, in order for me to stay focused I need to sit my bottom in the chair and get my fingers moving along the keyboard. Easier said that done sometimes, but it’s for my own good.

“Mom? You there?” No, guess not. It’s just something we’ve been told since we could understand the English language.

Writing is my mission today. Shelby has more to say along the lines of her mom and their great RV adventure across the US. So stayed plugged into my blog as I uncover snippets of their fun, but zany adventure.

So, as I always say,

Write On!


Sit. Relax. Knit. Dump.

It’s been a while, or at least a couple weeks, that I’ve written anything for my fans. I’ve been hard at work getting my Etsy shop ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

I’m knitting the ribbed beanies in colors that coordinate and colors that say “team spirit”. They seem to be quite popular. Imagine our Rockies; black and purple, our Broncos; blue and orange. Can you think of any other teams that might be popular with our youth and teens? Let me know at the end of this post. I’d love to make them. I’m not much of a sports fan, but many are. Avalanche are my boys, though I haven’t watched them since Sakic left.

Another popular hat is the simple rolled top cap with a very large pom-pom on top. I’ll post more pics of them soon. Be watching!
Speaking of popular, not sure how I thought of this with that last statement, but knitting has become popular by many. The hours of relaxed time sitting with your needles and skein of yarn, can bring so much to your day. Imagine yourself tossing all the ideas around in your pretty little head, and making something of them. Imagine getting rid of unwanted thoughts by thinking through them, finishing the hat/scarf/afghan you’re working on, then discarding them. A great way to empty your mind.

I have a knitting addiction. Yes! I admit it. My husband doesn’t comment anymore, he knows exactly where to find me doing exactly what he thought; knitting. I can’t imagine my day without a bit of relaxation with my needles and yarn.
How’s that for Sit. Relax. Knit. Dump. A hodge-podge of thoughts for this beautiful Monday. How about you? Any thoughts of your own? Leave them here and we’ll start a conversation that may lead you to Sit. Relax. Knit. Dump.

So, as I always say,

Knit On!


Fun & Stuff Beanies

So, did you see them? No? Okay, I’ve posted them here for you…

These beanies were made with kids in mind. Could you image your son, perhaps your daughter, with a Broncos or Raiders hat on? Are you a fan? Are they a fan? These are perfect. They measure 6 1/2 inches in length and stretch to fit any sized head. They are fun, fantastic, and fashionable. And the best part . . . they are washable, Mom!

Stay tuned to my blog for more fabulous beanies. Need a specific team? Just comment and let me know. I’d be happy to put it in my shop . . . Or better yet, head over to

You’ll be glad you did!

So, as I always say,

Knit On!


To Plot or not to Plot

No, it’s not a dirty word, it’s just–well, what it is

My method of writing consists of me just sitting down and typing what pops into my pretty-little-head. I do hear voices. Some say that’s crazy, but if you’re an author, you know what I’m sayin’. I’m always shocked to see what my characters are up to, and what comes out of their mouths.

I don’t even always know the ending. It’s a surprise just as you are surprised as my reader.

As an author you are either a plotter or not a plotter; a planner or not a planner. I find when I try to plan or plot, it just doesn’t work for me. I think for the moment, kinda like how I am in real life.

However, an author hits the mid-novel conundrum; the place some call a road block or others refer to it as . . . writer’s block. That’s the place you may need to put some thoughts to paper, like what will happen next or perhaps what trouble your character needs to get into. This may be the place to plan chapter by chapter taking you to the end of the book. Now you know the ending.

Okay, I confess, that’s what I had to do mid-way; plot. I still didn’t know the ending at that point, but I sure had a good idea what Shelby was up to. I’m referring to my completed novel, Beyond the Rhinestones.

So, it’s the authors prerogative whether to plot or not to plot. We all have different styles of writing. That’s what makes each of us authors unique; style.

If you’re an author, leave me a comment telling me whether you’re a plotter or not . . . I’d love to know!

So, as I always say,

Write on!