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Let’s get Scrappy

We’ve been in stay at home mode for 6 weeks. I won’t lie, it’s been challenging at times. I find myself sitting staring out the window on some days, yet other days I have more energy than the squirrel running up and down our tree in the backyard.

I can’t wait to get back to a normal life of shopping for home decor, wandering around my LYS, and visiting with family and friends. Soon.

So while I’m in the house, I might as well go through my stash. I found 5 single skeins of Lion Brand Thick and Quick. Super Bulky yarn. All different colors. I have nothing slated for these single skeins, so I found a way to use them up.

I didn’t ever plan on writing up the pattern for sale. This is a freebie for you. A stash buster. It’s the kind of project that just lets you sit and be still. A project that lets your mind wonder. It’s the most simple scrappy project yet.

Find your favorite 5 single skeins of Super Bulky yarn and a size N (15) 10mm hook and get started…

Chain 78 with your first color choice. (Color changes happen when you want them to happen. I recommend changing on the same side of your blanket. Be creative.)

Row 1: hdc in the 2nd ch from hook, hdc in each chain across. Ch 1, turn.

Row 2: hdc in each stitch. Ch 1, turn.

Repeat row 2 until you run out of yarn or desired length.

I changed colors whenever I got tired of one color. Usually 2 to 4 rows, and sometimes way more. Like the red, which I just used the whole skein. Change colors on the same side. When you go to weave in your ends (honestly, it took me 10 minutes), you’ll just whip down the side. Unless of course, you ran out of one skein before you hit the end of the row. Oh well… It’s scrappy, right? Who cares! 🙂

This truly is a scrappy blanket. If you have more than 5 skeins, use them. Mine is a small lapghan.

Enjoy this fun project friends. If you find yourself on Facebook, please come join us!

If you find yourself on Instagram, please come see what I’m up to! My little community is growing and so positive!

Hugs!! Be safe and stay healthy!



StAy at HoMe, they say…


I’m sitting in my studio, drinking tea, and thinking about the Facebook Live I just did and how that relates to our current situation.

The world we live in right now feels awkward; everything about it. From the way we shop, to the way we interact with our kids, families, friends, and neighbors, It’s all weird.

I have to say, when I pulled up my grocery store app this morning, it made me pause just long enough to think through what we would eat this week. I haven’t done this in over 25 or 30 years. When I was a young mom, I had to plan. Because that’s what we all did, right? I budgeted money for groceries. We were creative. I used what I had in my pantry and fridge to build our next meal. A time when money wasn’t plentiful. A time when planning was my life.

I feel we are back to that simplistic way of thinking. I have to say, I don’t spend as much when I shop on the app as I do when I’m in the store. I get what I need.

How we often get spoiled with the things we have now, maybe even take for granted the resources we have. I go grocery shopping a few times a week. “What do you feel like for dinner?” Or we just go out. Once again, that’s even changed, right? Who’s doing curbside or carryout? Not everyone. Who can we trust to give us a good meal that will be as good when we arrive back home?

I don’t know about you, but these times have me doing things differently; creating schedules for meals, grabbing take out, and ordering all my supplies online.

So, the fact I went live today, well…that’s all weird too. But, you know what? I realized everyone is on Facebook already, considering how many actually popped on to say hello.

Shopping online has become the norm. People are actually looking to start an online shop. It will be a sustainable business, because we’re all getting so used to doing it already. Luckily for me, I’ve had my online shop for over ten years. I’m even looking to make the jump onto my own website.

So friends, I say all this to let you know, we’ll get through this, we’ll come out thinking a little different, we’ll all be shopping ONLINE. And, that’s not a bad thing!


Let’s Plan our Self-Isolation Projects

As we all settle into a full month of self-isolation/quarantine, whatever you’d like to call it, we are obviously looking for things to keep us busy.

🧶 WIPs 🧹 Household chores 📚 Books that need to be read 🧘🏻‍♀️ Time for yourself 🍟 Planning take out nights 🥞 Menu planning

I’ve created a Planning calendar for April. Feel free to download, save, and/or print.

Download your Project Planner Here

Happy Planning!

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Sustainability & Cotton

As someone who’s always knit or crochet with cotton for my dishcloth patterns, it was a no brainer to continue with face cloths. In fact, it makes so much sense, don’t you agree?

When you make your own washcloth/facecloth, you are being what some refer to as, eco-friendly. That’s a way of saying it’s not harmful to the environment. Now, you’re probably saying, I use a washcloth. I get it. But why not make your own. It’ll save money in the long run. A skein of either of these yarns are under $3, and you’re able to get 2 or more out of 1 skein.

Let’s talk about sustainability. Google defines it as, avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance. Some refer to it as going green, natural, organic, REUSABLE.


So what do you say… click on either photo and it will take you to a different place to purchase this pattern. It’s super easy. You’ll want to make a whole stack like I did. Addicting, to say the least.

Crochet On!


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Product Photography Tips

For many of us, we’re stuck at home. Quarantine-time. A time to figure out a new norm for awhile. It’s not a bad thing. It’s just a “thing” for now…

So, I thought I might give you all a few pointers on photographing things around your house using your smartphone. Are you a product photographer? A handmade seller who needs great photos for your Etsy shop or website? Are you a Realtor? Small business? Cafe owner? You all needs photos for your social media channels, websites, and blogs, and more times than not, you want YOUR images.

When you don’t have access to a professional photographer, the good thing is, you don’t have to have any fancy equipment if you have a smartphone, and in most cases, we all do. The images are magical, and the quality is much like my Canon 6D Mark2. Just a few things to know and you can be shooting like a pro. The best camera, is the one you have with you.

Natural light. It’s the one light that produces a dramatic, storytelling feel. It’s the light that’s at your disposal. It can be your best friend OR your worst enemy. Nail it and the results will speak for themselves. A bright window. An open door. Natural light has a single direction. This generates natural shadows and adds texture to your product. West facing doors and windows are best in the morning. East facing doors and windows are best in the evening.

Natural light is coming from the right–portrait mode is used. Taken in the morning. Backdrop, placed on the floor, by my front door, purchased on Etsy, was used.
Natural light is coming from the left–portrait mode is used. Taken in the early evening. I also used a warm filter on my phone.

It can be fun to play. Grab your products that represents your business, and create some magic with your smartphone.

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My Favorite Needles to Knit Dishcloths With

I love to talk about this, because it’s truly unconventional. Google defines it as: something that is not based on or conforming to what is generally done or believed.

Boom! *smiling*

For years, I’ve been drawn to the straight needles. I started out years ago only using those, as I didn’t know that knitting something flat was something you were supposed to use them for. Some straights are better than others. There are many I wouldn’t use, which is why there’s one for everyone.

Lyke Knitting Needles are my absolute favorite. I have so many, but these are my go-to. They are smooth, have a nice rounded point, and when I do my photographs, I can lay it flat. I don’t worry about the stitches falling off, I just scrunch all my stitches down the end.

So, what do you think? Will you give them a try? You won’t be disappointed.

Knit On, with straights!


Be the Best Version of You

This topic comes up all the time on Facebook, as it did this morning. So, I wanted to jump on here and give you guys my thoughts…

I’m one who has been in a place where, what I thought was my dream, was not. It was a time in my life that menopause had just come to an end, and I was finding myself again. Do you know how hard that is to embrace something that’s not working? It was a struggle. It consumed my every thought. Why couldn’t this work for me, as it had for so many other Realtors?

You want to know why? Because it wasn’t where i was supposed to be in this season of my life. It didn’t feel right. I constantly struggled with the day to day activities of the Real Estate world. It just wasn’t me. This was awhile ago, but the struggle was real. I get it!

I’ve been where I should be all this time. I just thought I needed something new. No, I did not.

I’m a designer. I’m an author. I love to knit and crochet for my job. I enjoy the community around knitting and crochet. It’s who I am! It’s who I’ll always be. I’m going nowhere. Gosh, I’ve been here for over 10 years. That’s a whole decade, y’all. *smiling*

Do you feel trapped in something that doesn’t feel like you, or right for you? I encourage you to reach deep inside yourself and realize what makes you the BEST version of you.

Because at the end of the day, you have to be happy with you!

Be You, Boo!

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Knitted Dishcloths on the Repeat

Hey friends!

I’ve been a knittin’ fool! Like on the repeat knittin’ fool.

I have dishcloth patterns that date back to 2009; the time I opened my Etsy shop and began selling sets of them. I couldn’t believe how well received they were. In fact, I had a 4 week waitlist at times. Crazy, huh!?

You know, as a designer, I’m quite humbled by the number of knitters and crocheters that still love to knit a dishcloth. I have messages daily on Ravelry thanking me for the occasional FREE pattern I release. No, I don’t do it often, as it takes me days to design, knit, photograph, and list that little pattern.

Speaking of price, It’s ONLY $2.50 per dishcloth pattern. Not a lot. I know you can get free ones out there. In fact, TONS of free ones, but you get what you get, I often tell people. I take the same amount of time in the details of a free pattern as I do with a paid-for pattern. *shrugging shoulders*

Have you knit one? Maybe it’s about time to try.

Not a knitter? I gotcha covered too…

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New (FREE) Sock Design

Yes! You read that right! In honor of Valentines Day, I designed a cute dishcloth/washcloth that you can knit and give as gifts and/or keep for yourself. This offer is only good through the 14th of February. Then, it goes back to its ridiculously low price of $2.50.

Go grab your copy then join us on Facebook to show it off.

Knit On!