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Product Photography Tips

For many of us, we’re stuck at home. Quarantine-time. A time to figure out a new norm for awhile. It’s not a bad thing. It’s just a “thing” for now…

So, I thought I might give you all a few pointers on photographing things around your house using your smartphone. Are you a product photographer? A handmade seller who needs great photos for your Etsy shop or website? Are you a Realtor? Small business? Cafe owner? You all needs photos for your social media channels, websites, and blogs, and more times than not, you want YOUR images.

When you don’t have access to a professional photographer, the good thing is, you don’t have to have any fancy equipment if you have a smartphone, and in most cases, we all do. The images are magical, and the quality is much like my Canon 6D Mark2. Just a few things to know and you can be shooting like a pro. The best camera, is the one you have with you.

Natural light. It’s the one light that produces a dramatic, storytelling feel. It’s the light that’s at your disposal. It can be your best friend OR your worst enemy. Nail it and the results will speak for themselves. A bright window. An open door. Natural light has a single direction. This generates natural shadows and adds texture to your product. West facing doors and windows are best in the morning. East facing doors and windows are best in the evening.

Natural light is coming from the right–portrait mode is used. Taken in the morning. Backdrop, placed on the floor, by my front door, purchased on Etsy, was used.
Natural light is coming from the left–portrait mode is used. Taken in the early evening. I also used a warm filter on my phone.

It can be fun to play. Grab your products that represents your business, and create some magic with your smartphone.

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