Book Review: Mollie Makes Woodland Friends

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With the help of Interweave, I’m thrilled to do (yet) another book review for you.
Are you a Crafter? I am. I believe that most knitters are also crafters of all sorts, well, in my circle of friends, anyway…

Paperback: Molie Makes Woodland Friends: More handmade projects for the home

Publisher: Interweave Language: English
It sells for $12.95 US
That’s a steal. For 18 knitted, stitched, crocheted, and paper-crafted projects, all with a modern take in their signature styles, with a touch of “quirk thrown in.” Why wouldn’t you buy this? 
I truly believe the cover of the book can make or break your decision to pick it up/buy it. Am I right? 
Look at it! 

The cover is truly your inspiration. The cute Woodland Walk Quilt, the Tissue Box Cover, the Animal Pictures on the wall, the Badger Pillow sitting on the chair…

This book is part of their squirreled-away collection of nature-loving ideas from their favorite Mollie Makes designers. How fun is it to create something fun, modern, yet a bit quirky for your home? Sit down for an evening or take a weekend and create one or more of these fun little projects.

You can use your sewing machine and create the Woodland Walk Quilt. It measures approximately 35 inches x 43 inches. The perfect size for snuggling on the couch with, or wrapping up to read a good book. Maybe your child needs a cute accent to their bed. Or you have a baby shower coming up and need a fun, quick gift. Oh, that reminds me…I do!

How about knitting (now there’s a fun idea) Hanna Hart’s Flying Fox draft excluder. Total Fun! He (or perhaps, she) is on my to-knit list. He’s approximately 35.5 inches long, excluding his tail. And 12 inches around. He’s easily adjustable to fit your door by knitting longer or shorter.

If you’re in the mood to crochet, how about stitching up the Tissue Box Cover. It’s made up of four panels; rabbit, fox, bear and a deer. Each is crocheted seperately then stitched on. Super Duper Cute. This one, I will make for my granddaughter’s bathroom. 

Maybe, you feel like more crochet. Why not stitch up these cute Crochet Shelf Ornaments. Perfect addiction to your desk (I’m making some), or your bookcase. Each cute creature measures approximately 5 inches high and about 6 inches long from the tip of their paws to the tip of their tails.

Ok, I’m always in the market for another mug rug. Have you discovered their simplicity yet? They usefulness? I have one that was given to me, from a fellow quilter, in an exchange. I use it daily when I’m sitting working away at my desk. 

These are cuter than any I’ve seen. Seriously!. Each mug rug measures approximately 8.5 inches x 4.5 inches and are just the right size for a large mug (is there any other size?) and your favorite sweet treat. Did someone say coffee break? The project has a fun technique known as reverse applique. All you need to know is included in the book. 

Ok, the final favorite project of mine in this book is the Badger Pillow. Super Cute! Add a bit of charm to your stack of quilts, or perhaps sit him against your favorite books on the shelf. This project is simple enough to finish in an afternoon and can be stitched by hand easily, or use your machine for speedy project making. 

Of the 18 projects in the book, these are what I’ve que’d up for myself. Ok, let’s be honest, I’ll probably make each and every one of them, as they seem quite easy, or should I say the designers have written the instructions so that anyone will not have a problem with them. 

Each project is accompanied by step-by-step written instructions and clear photography. Something that is important to this Diva. The tried and tested tips thrown in help you feel confident in your skills and give you the best projects ever. 

Mollie Makes Woodland Friends has thought of everything, and has been included in the back of the book: templates for your convenience and instructions on enlarging for best results, stitches used in the projects and how to work them, and a chart for the hand stitched Squirrel Hand Warmers.
As you can (clearly) see, I’m in trouble. No, not by anybody but me. Yes, I have things that need to get done, work related, but there’s always time for some project making that doesn’t involve work.

So, I totally recommend this book. I mean, I seriously do! It’s full of great photography, fun and informative projects, along with a variety of fun tips and tricks to help you throughout the projects. Go check it out. Order it online at Interweave and I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

So, as I always say,

Knit On! (Or in this case, Stitch, Crochet, Sew, Knit On!)


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