It’s the eve of Thanksgiving and I am 3,289 words away from finishing.

Winning! as they call it at NaNoWriMo. The first time EVER I’ve completed this challenge, and I can honestly say, with the exception of a couple days, that it hasn’t been that hard. In fact, my mojo is back.

Much coffee has been consumed through this challenge.  A skinny peppermint mocha tonight. 


I was telling my husband tonight it’s kind of fun when I get into the scene and can picture exactly how Morgan or Zac are acting. How they will react. It’s fun to see the story develop. I think the biggest thing I learned is I don’t have to constantly revisit my story to see what happened when I wrote seven days ago. It’s fresh in my mind from “yesterday.” I even find I’m catching the tense issues I’ve often struggled with.

So many things to have been learned and gained from a challenge like this one. I plan on taking time to celebrate my success, then revisit the entire process. From November 1st-30th. There had been work challenges (my book came out this month, so much had gone into getting that perfected with my publisher. I have an online store that I’ve had to knit for and maintain. Along with family obligations.) 

Still it got done. No, I’m not completely done, but dang-it, I WILL be.

I guarantee it.



I’m also wondering how you all are doing? How you are feeling right now? Will you finish? Are you close? What have been some of your challenges. Please share. I’d love to read…

So, my friends, as I always say,

Write On!



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