Day 5!

Fantastic feeling, huh? Are you able to keep consistent with the word count of 1667?

I am!

Not that it was easy today. You see, this post is at almost 8:00 pm. That means I just finished. It truly was a horrible, no good day. It started with a sleepless night.

I couldn’t get to the coffee pot quick enough this morning. Forget the 9 oz Keurig cup! I was going for the 20 oz Starbucks cup. I made enough in my coffee maker to fill it, and with some remaining in case that didn’t do the trick.

You know, sometimes when my day starts out that way (and it doesn’t happen often, really), I do Pilates. It helps to calm me. I had so much to do today, and things I need to do.

In walks (a good) distraction: a phone call from my daughter, who’s a teacher, saying my granddaughter wasn’t having a good day herself and could use a bit of grandma love. Armed with Subway, I headed off to school to spend lunchtime with my precious Jasmine.

Back home, I open up my email to find a list of to-dos from my publisher asking me to fix this and check that for my book release later this month. Annoyed, but excited, I proceeded.


Fast forward: Word Count Accomplished!
Words completed to date: 8361 (41,639 words remaining)

FYI…I learned a valuable lesson last night. Copy and paste your story into “check word count” on your NaNo page. I did and it calculated 6685 last night. My app calculated 6700. Just a good thing to know going forward.

Keep writing. The path is long, but it’s about the journey.  The payoff is a sense of accomplishment and a “win” for you! Let’s do this.

Are you in all the way with me? It’s not going to be easy, but it will be worth it!!


Music playing on my Ipod: Nora Jones

Beverage of Choice: Orange Mango Juice

Place I chose to write: My dining room table


So, as I always say,

Write On!


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