NaNoWriMo Day 4

Day 4…Take 1 (and the only take needed today)

I’m so pleased with how the words are flowing. I sat down here at Panera Bread with my soup and coffee at about 12:30 pm. I ate first, then proceeded to write. It’s now 2:13 pm.

That’s 1667 words in less than 2 hours.

Fantastic, right?

I mentioned yesterday that I thought each day i wrote, the words were coming a bit quicker. Today, I believe the same thing.

How about you? How are your words flowing? Hopefully effortlessly…

Writing has been a part of my life in various aspects of my life… I wrote content for my Knitting book, I wrote the patterns in the knitting book, I write on both my blogs. So, I believe it’s time to take this novel writing to the next level. *smiling*

I know we’re told to not edit our work during NaNo, but honestly can you really do that? I don’t do it the the extent of going back to the very beginning and re-reading, then editing, but I do backspace as far as necessary (when needed) to make the story work.

I am not willing to just write junk. It has to be a sensible story, with sensible developing characters, and a consistent story theme.

Today: No distractions to report.

I’m wondering if going to (one of) my favorite coffee shops and writing is what I need to do? I think so.


Word count accomplished!

Words completed to date: 6700 (43,300 words remaining)


Music playing on my Ipod: None. Though, beautiful instrumental music can be heard from the speakers, as well as chatter coming from dining customers fills the room.

Beverage of Choice: Hazelnut Coffee & Water

Place I chose to write: Panera Bread


So, as I always say,

Write On!




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