On a roll…is all I can say!

The day started early, as our granddaughter had spent the night and was ready to get up. After getting her situated, I started the coffee and sat down to knit for awhile. For those that don’t know, I’m not only a knitter, but a knitting designer and published author. Writing is something I love to do and hope to be a (Fiction) published author as well one day.

With an attempt at getting a few words started, I opened my ipad and found nothing but a blinking blue cursor. Failed miserably. So, I put my ipad away and continued to knit. I do find that knitting puts my mind in a different place. A place I can rely on to get me thinking about what’s next…

Do you have something that gets you in the writing mood?

In walks distraction: Time to take the little one out to breakfast, hand her off to her mommy, then head to do a bit of shopping. Christmas Shopping at that.

Back home and back to my knitting, while my husband got ready for his trip to New York City next week.

My mind started turning as I continued to knit, so I grabbed my ipad, opened up my Storyist App, and began to write chapter 2. See, I’m writing a chapter (in this novel) a day. 30 chapters will be written by the end of NaNoWriMo. That’s my goal.

Fantastic, huh?

In walks distraction: Coffee time. We walked around the corner to our neighborhood Dunkin Donuts and grabbed some coffee and donut. I know, it helps with the writing, or so I said it did anyway.


Back to writing. Word count accomplished.

Words completed to date: 3376 (46,624 remaining)


Music playing on my Ipod – None today

Beverage (and snack) of Choice – Coffee (and donut)

Place I chose to write – My craft studio in the basement


So, as I always say,

Write On!


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