…and has never sounded so good. Though, coupled with lightening, well, that wouldn’t be such a good thing right now for us. 

We’ve experienced yet another fire here in our beautiful Colorado. Almost to the day, a year ago, we had fled from the Waldo Canyon fire. The Black Forest Fire, as they are calling it, had people evacuating from their homes. Some lost their homes, others ran just in case. I can’t say I blame them. I think what we all learned from the Waldo Canyon fire was you can never be sure where it will go next, or when it will strike too close for comfort. Voluntary evacuation to me would mean, go. Just go.

I have sat here, clear on the other side of the city, watching, listening to others cry out on Facebook, hear the news crew when they would make their next briefing. Such a sad thing. For those that have lost everything, I can’t imagine how that feels. For those having to pack up, and get ready because they are on pre-evacuation status, I do know how that feels.  Running around, gathering stuff. 

Wait. It IS just stuff. I understand the heirlooms, the buckets of expensive cashmere yarns, but honestly, nothing is as important as you getting out. You can’t be replaced.

I guess for me, having lived that, I think back to what I could have done differently. Nothing. The fact that we all got out safe and our home was untouched, we can only breathe a sigh of relief. Some can’t do that today. And for that, I can only say, I’m sorry. I’m sorry that happened. And for what reason this fire had started, we may never know. They have begun an investigation into the point of origin, and as to why it got started. I do hope they find out. It would offer comfort, at least to know.

I’m looking out my loft window as I write this. It’s raining. And hard. It’s what we have all prayed for to end this horrible beast. As of 11:30am, the fire is 75% contained. Good news!

The one fun thing positive to have learned, was that my favorite yarn shop, Table Rock Llamas, that was located in the heart of Black Forest, was spared. Yay! We have a knitting group called Bitch ‘n Knit girls that meet every Tuesday morning there. I think we will rename our group, “Smokin’ Hot Knit Bitches”. The shop owners love it. 

Table Rock Llamas Knit Shop

Well, my friends, I didn’t mean to give this post such a negative feel, but just know, it’s part of life right now for many. Take comfort today in knitting something special, whether it be a new hat for someone in need, or a pair of socks for yourself.

So, as I always say,

Knit On!


 (p.s. the yarn pics are to add a bit of brightness to this post.)

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