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Divas Vogue Knitting Live experience

Having had the opportunity to hang with my peeps was something that was new and exciting for me. 

Vogue Knitting Live is an event everyone should experience, designer, knitter, yarn-a-holic, etc. The style shows, the fiber vendors, new friends, and more… I had the time of my life. It was something, as a new author, I was thrilled to have experienced. It gave me fodder for upcoming blog posts, new friends to keep up with, and new design ideas for classes and future books.

You walk into the Marketplace and these are hanging from the ceiling. Knitted artwork. 


Every elevator in the Convention Center was adorned with these…

The one thing I enjoyed the most was meeting my publisher. She’s a hoot. Shannon Okey is so much like me…quirky, fun, smiles a lot, loves the industry, and has more fun talking with people than the average person. The display at the table was fun and colorful. The pile containing my books kept getting smaller and smaller. Sweet! I signed the last 5 books before I jetted off back home. 


Let’s not forget to mention how much fun I had buying new fibers. StevenBe was one person that inspired my creativity to the point of no return. Chunky fabrics created with larger needles, blingy yarns, coupled with simple fingering weight yarns. Oh my! I came home with yarn. I know, you’re not surprised. I do love yarn. In fact, it’s the part of me that has no control. Probably, no budget either. With that said, I did yield to caution and only buy fibers that would be a bit different from the ones that already live at my house.

I feel fortunate, as an author, to have attended this event. But, let me tell you, it won’t be my last. In fact, my future plans will take me to Stitches Midwest, where more of the same will occur, I’m sure…

So, as I always say,

Knit On!


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