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Knitting Help is Here

Ask Deb
Deb is the author of Dishcloth Diva. She teaches beginning knitter classes at her local yarn shop. Her specialty is helping the beginner knitter feel confident in their craft. Not one person does it the same, so she tailors the lesson to fit the student. Her designs can be found on Ravelry and Etsy in her pattern stores. You can also find her as an independent designer on Knitpicks. Deb takes great pride in her confidence with the craft.
Reasons you would need Deb’s help:
  • I don’t understand a specific term
  • I don’t have the yarn recommended for the pattern and want to use different one
  • I need help understanding the pattern details
  • I don’t understand gauge and why it’s important to my project
  • I want to make it larger and don’t know how to convert the needle size
  • I don’t understand the different yarns and what projects they would be good for
Whatever the question, Deb will have the answer. (or help you figure out how to get it)
How to get a hold of her:
  1. Email her at
  2. Leave a comment on this post

Knitting help = a happy knitter. Don’t get discouraged and give up before asking that all important question.

Happy Knitting!

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