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Order of Business for this Knitting Diva

With no more than 4 hours of sleep, I’m getting tons accomplished today. Though, Thursday is Thanksgiving, I have yet to grocery shop for that meal. Eeek!
My first order of business today was to answer a message I received from a customer on Etsy. “Can you make a hat to match this item?” She was referring to a scarf pattern design of mine.

Yes, of course.” I responded. So, I got out my pen, paper, the pattern (so I can see the multiple of stitches I used), and off I went. This. May. Work. I told her to stay tuned as I work with the stitches today.

Second order of business was the details of my first book signing. I’ve never done one, so this is nothing but fun. The “bad” part was we had to push it back a week because my LYS had to order MORE books for the event. Yippee! A good problem to have, I mentioned to Kris. 

Did I mention I needed to step away from my computer to fill up the coffee mug? I did.

So busy mornings deserve not so busy afternoons, right? Mmm, probably not. Writing, designing, and more knitting (which is always a good thing) is what’s in store for me.
What about you? What’s in store for your day?
So, as I always say,
Knit On!


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