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10 Reasons Why I Hang with my Bitch ‘n Knit Girls

Isn’t it fun to figure out 10 reasons (funny or not) why you do what you do? I’ll list mine, then I’d love to read your #1 reason…let’s go!
Top 10 reasons why I hang with my bitch ‘n knit girls:

10 – they allow me to be ME.

9 – are good for my self esteem, “Hey, Deb is here!”
8 – enable me when it comes to purchasing yarn I really don’t need, “You know you want it.”
7 – plan my upcoming book signings like I’m the next biggest author in the knitting world.
6 – listen when I need to b*#ch about something, (Umm…it is called bitch ‘n knit.)
5 – make me smile when someone mentions wanting to knit a dishcloth out of ACRYLIC yarn.
4 – call me the “bling girl.”
3 – to give me something to write about in my blog.
2 – to allow me a quick shot when I’m in the mood to shoot something (with a camera, silly.)

And the #1 reason I hang with my bitch ‘n knit girls is –  I love the friendships that have formed, the projects we have shared, and the community efforts we get involved with. I love how they are willing to help me with my thoughts or perhaps walk me through a difficult pattern. My girls are the best! 
Stay tuned every Tuesday where I share top ten reasons for all things fiber related.
As I always say,
Knit on!

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