Summer Knits

Ah, summer is in full swing. Yes, it’s mid-July already, kids will be starting back to school next month, but it’s not too late to be thinking about what works for a fun, summer knit.

If you’re like me, you still want to knit that afghan that has been taking up space in your knitting bag. But, geez, it’s too hot to have that piece lying on your lap, especially if you don’t have air conditioning like me. (a bit pathetic, I know) My husband tells me we will have it…sigh. I will occasionally knit with wool, but only when the fan is blowing directly on me, or at least the oscillating button is turned on. Okay, no need to feel sorry for me, I do get by just fine. It’s just fun to tease my husband every once in a while, that I’m melting due to all the sugar I’m made up of. *smiling*

With that said, my favorite thing to knit is pedicure socks. They are quick, simple, and who doesn’t (at times) need their feet covered, but allow those pretty toes to pop out. My hands don’t sweat while knitting with this cotton/wool/nylon/elastic fiber like most wool yarns this time of year.

My favorite sock yarn for this project is the Patons Stretch Sock yarn. It’s obviously stretchy, and doesn’t split in any direction.

Of course, another favorite summer project of mine would be dishcloths. They are made with cotton fiber. One of the most forgiving fibers as far as the heat goes. I have patterns galore in my Etsy shop or perhaps Ravelry is your place to shop. Either place you can find fun, affordable, quick little knits that will take you only a couple hours to complete.

Summertime is a time to slow down a bit, enjoy the outside, play with the kids, and allow yourself some (much needed) down time to enjoy all your fun summer projects.

What are some of your favorite summer knit? I’d love to know…

So, as I always say,

Knit On, my friends,


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