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Camp Loopy

I’m so excited to have found this Ravelry group. Well, a friend told me about it. You think I would have known about this before now, I mean…I do live in Colorado, and their fabulous yarn shop is well, only an hour away. Loopy Ewe

However, I’m on the canoe–the blue canoe. My yarn is predominately blue. Though, this is a virtual camp, it’s a camp no less, with canoes and yachts and cabins, and lots of crazy women–me included.

I told them, “My idea of camping was the Hyatt.” They replied by telling me, “Camp Loopy Hotel was closed due to termite infestation, though the cabana boys will row our canoes while we knit.” Sweet!

The goal? To knit 3 project over the next 3 months. The first project is a pattern that uses 400 yds of yarn, and from an international designer. I’m choosing “Wingspan”. It’s an asymmetrical shawl that looking daunting, though they claim, it may be the easiest thing I knit. We’ll see. I’ll be posting pictures through this process. We can NOT cast on till 12:01 on 6/27 and this MUST be complete (with pics posted) by 7/27 when we’ll begin our second project.

We will be told the specifications of that project sometime in June.

Then our third and final project will be from 7/27 – 8/27. Those detail to follow in July.

This is all in celebration of our summer Olympics. 

Get it?

I do…and I’m so excited to participate. It’s a great distraction while I await the final details of my book. You knew about that, right? I sure hope so, it (should) be out this year. Details coming…

I plan on taking you all with me on my Blue Canoe to Camp Loopy, where you can experience my knitting journey through this awesome pattern, Wingspan

As I always say,

Knit On!


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