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What’s New?

…glad you asked! Is there such a thing as having too many projects on individual needles? Whew…I’m glad, because I currently have 6 different projects going. There’s always another project I’m SUPER anxious to start.

Hexipuffs for Beekeeper’s Quilt

With that said, the most fun project I’ve recently encountered is the “BeeKeeper’s Quilt”. No, it’s not made with fabric, its made with tiny hexagon shaped knitted puffs that are sewn together to form a “quilt.” Quite addicting. The challenge was casting on with 2 needles then working in the round with those same 2 needles. I know, blah…blah…blah…if you’re not a knitter, but if you are, well, I’d definitely check it out.

Wanderer Cap
Harriet Hat
Soft as a Cloud (in baby blue color)

My ex-son-in-law has asked me to make him a ski hat…of course, I never turn down an opportunity to make a ski hat. And my granddaughter and her friend need big sister hats (the Harriet Hat) as they will be expecting their new baby brother soon (did I forget to mention, baby got a new hat too?) Soft as a Cloud hat in baby blue. Oh, and an Etsy order arrived needing my attention; a set of dishcloths.

Mercerized cotton dishcloths

 Okay, think I better get to work!

As I always say,

Knit on, my friends.


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