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Day 2 – Knit-A-Long

We get to knit today!
If you’re new to knitting, please relax and enjoy yourself. This isn’t hard. By the end of the knit-a-long, not only will you have more confidence (my hope anyway), but you will have a completed dishcloth that you can put to use right away…don’t forget Christmas presents. Everyone loves a knitted dishcloth. 
Abbreviations for terms used: whether capitalized or not, means the same thing.
CO—cast on
BO—bind off
Pm—place marker

K2—knit 2
P2—purl 2
*(sts)—repeat between the asterisk

This is what your completed dishcloth will look like.
If you haven’t already, head over to my Ravelry shop and download “Danielle” for FREE. This pattern will only be FREE through Monday, October 17, the last day of our knit-a-long . Also, please read through the pattern so you know what’s to come. 
Let’s Knit!
First things first: Cast on, long tail method.  I included my favorite youtube video to assist you…One of my absolute favorite designers. Enjoy!

CO 38 sts 
Top Border: K 3 rows 

This is English Knit Stitch Method

This is Continental Knit Stitch Method

Choose the method that feels most comfortable to you. My favorite? English.

How’d you do?
Alright! You are done for the day and it’s time to celebrate.
Set your project aside and be pleased with a job well done. Don’t forget to post your pictures to our fabulous Flickr group. I’ll check in this evening to answer any questions and see your lovely work. 
Remember: This doesn’t have to be perfect, just that you know how to do the stitch. Practice makes perfect.
Tomorrow: Learn to Purl & do K2, P2 sequence, as well as, complete your first 8 rows.

See you then!


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