Welcome to Day 1 of our knit-a-long.
Today is gathering supplies for our project. Tomorrow we get to knit. Yay! These posts will remain on my blog so there is no pressure to finish “on time”.  You can jump in whenever it’s convenient for you.  
I will post each day for a total of 5 days (this being day 1), until the dishcloth is complete.  You are free to leave comments on the post, but most will take place here on our Flickr page. This is a great place for discussion. I’ll post threads that everyone can comment to, as well as you all are free to post threads as well, and I hope you do. Each evening (and probably more often), I will check in to answer questions and check out all your cool pictures. I hope you’ll upload pics of your (w)ork (i)n (p)progress—WIP. It’ll be a ton of fun to see how everyone’s coming along.
I encourage you to go at your own pace, or follow right along with me. We will have all levels involved in this knit-a-long.  Doesn’t matter which one you are; I’m just excited to teach you this dishcloth pattern, at whatever level you’re at. 
Supply List:
1 skein cotton worsted weight—sugar and cream is a great inexpensive yarn to use for these dishcloths, and can be found at Michaels/Hobby Lobby/Joann fabrics. I recommend a lighter color to make it easier to see your stitches. Knits and purls can be kinda tricky on dark yarn. 
Size 7 knitting straight needle—bamboo, acrylic, aluminum…all are great choices. My favorite? Bamboo. It’s sturdy and allows the yarn to “slip” just enough without falling off your needle. But, whatever one you prefer, is the one for you.
Scissors—for snipping ends
Tapestry Needle—to weave in ends 
Stitch Markers—if you prefer to mark your border stitches
Stitch Counter—for counting your rows if necessary
This dishcloth will end up about 8 x 8. The pattern calls for a size 6 needle, but thought for those of you just beginning, and others who prefer a slightly larger dishcloth, this was the right choice. Depending on how tight/loose you knit, will depend on if your dishcloth ends up to be bigger/smaller. Either way, I don’t believe it’s necessary to worry about gauge in a project like this. We’ll do that with future projects.
Your pile of “stuff” will look something like this.  
Your supplies may vary

I’ve chosen one of my most popular designs, Danielle, for this knit-a-long. If this goes well, who know…maybe we’ll meet monthly.  I’m really looking forward to knitting-a-long with you all. This will be a fun project. Ask questions. Remember, there’s NO dumb question. 
One more thing… Head over to my Ravelry shop and download your “Danielle” pattern for FREE.  

That’s it for now.
See you tomorrow!

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