Overview of my Project

Most know me as Deb Buckingham. Some know me as a Diva. Others know I knit dishcloths. While so many of you have yet to know me. My hope is, if you don’t, you will!

I’m in the process of putting together a book (proposal sent to a publisher today–YAY!) I’m so excited about this project that I’ve decided to “blog” about its inception. Okay, I may be jumping the gun here, but no time like the present to get things rolling, right? Whether this publisher loves it or not…someone will! The proposal was complete with samples, written patterns and lots of juicy details that they won’t be able to resist. *smiling*

So, here we go.

Dishcloths. Dishcloths. Dishcloths. Have you ever used a knitted one? Do you knit? Do you love a tid bit of information (purl of wisdom) that can carry you through to the next step/project?

Then, hang out with me and see this book to its completion. I’m entertaining the idea of giving stuff away. You ask what? How? I knew that would catch your attention.

Be watching for details in upcoming posts. You will want to help. You may even find that knitting becomes something you’re curious about, if you’re not already a knitter.

Hugs & best stitches,


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