what’s a writer to do when the muse is no where to be found.

attempts at my freelance work have resulted in nothing more than a headache and the urge to delete, delete and delete…which I did. this gets me nowhere, and the client wonders what in the world is going on.

so, here I am writing a new post, hoping the muse returns (soon).

what shall i talk about? i have edits to make on a wip that i’d like to submit to harlequin next week. i have another fabulous piece in the works, and my children’s story, Grandma’s Attic, is (almost) ready to go. by go, i mean submit to an agent/publisher for review.

with that said, i have lots to do that doesn’t require me coming up with the next best romance novel. that’s the beauty of being a writer–you work when you can and (knit) when you can’t. oh, did i just throw that in?

*sigh* guess it’s off to knit. that gets my muse working.

so, as i always say, write on!


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