The minute someone makes me laugh, I snort and go into a coughing coma. Oh geez…I know. This flu turned Pneumonia, is well…not fun.

Though, with that said, I’ve managed to complete my wip’s and get some much needed rest. Because as NP Bev says, “you need to rest”. Okay. Fine. I sit with my feet propped, laptop in my lap or sticks and yarn in my hands, and get stuff done.

A taste of Smores in your kitchen

This being the newest “kid” on the block in my Etsy shop. Well, they went right back out the door less than an hour of displaying them.

Smores? We all know what colors are in our most favorite treat.

So, be watching for the next fun set. Because, I know as well as anyone, that in order to get well, we need to allow our body time to rest; giving me (yet) another excuse to create.

Stay well, my friends, don’t let this bug bite…it bites hard and doesn’t let go (anytime soon).

So, as i always say,

Knit On!

A soft sock for your readers/eyeglasses/sunglasses

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