Keeping it all Together

So, I wonder, how do you keep it all together during the holidays? Loaded question, huh?

I  usually create a list of shopping items, that way I can make sure all my family and relatives are taken care of before the big shopping days. I’m a list maker, so I’ve created a list of 8 things I feel are important during this time of year…

(8) Learn to say No – if you can learn that word, you’ll feel less overwhelmed with the holidays

(7) Plan ahead – like I did above with the list making. Makes your life easier when you have a plan of action

(6) Be Realistic – traditions can change, plans can change. If it doesn’t work this year, don’t force it.

(5) Remember the less fortunate – or better yet, those that are unemployed this holiday season

(4) Set aside Differences – try to accept others just the way they are. Sometimes there’s nothing we can do about a situation, so why bother stressing over it.

(3) “Me” time – a pedicure, a massage, a bubble bath with a glass of wine and a good book. De-stresses the body.

(2) Stick to a Budget – nothing can be more stressful than trying to stretch a dollar that no longer stretches. Be reasonable. People understand. (or they should anyway)

(1) Reach Out – this could mean to others less fortunate than you, or perhaps “paying forward” – a gift to someone you don’t know

 So, as I always say,

Knit on or at least Keep it all together (for now),


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