Top 10 Reasons I Love to Knit

Have you ever sat and tried to figure out why you enjoy doing something? I do it all the time. It’s the analytical part of my brain that allows this to happen. So here goes…

The Top 10 reasons i love to knit:

10) Able to knit a gift nobody wants

9) Gives me the the “no budget required” license to buy

8) Allows me to bow out of engagements I really don’t want to go to when I’m on a deadline for my Etsy Shop

7) Gives me a reason to go to my LYS (local yarn shop) whether I need yarn or not

6) Have the opportunity to have a “girls night out” with fellow knitters

5) Be a know-it-all when your fellow knitters don’t have the answers

4) Pile yarn in my bins till they overflow then wait for my husband to say, “do you really need more yarn?”

3) Of course I need more yarn, I always NEED more yarn for the newest project

2) Buy sale yarn even though I really don’t NEED it

1) Honestly…because it’s a way for me to relax; a way for me to concentrate on nothing. Knitting has become more than a hobby for me, it’s become a therapeutic attempt for my sanity.

So what do you love? And why do you love to do it. I’d be interested in “hearing”…

So, as I always say,

Knit On!


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