it’s definitely a monday…i drag myself from the warmth of my bed to my computer, where I attempt to place an online order at GAP. it fails. i call the number where the agent makes my attempt a positive experience. that done, i run down to the fax machine to fax my daughter’s document; no problems there. the birds are taken care of, the bed made, the husband off to work…now i must begin my day.

first things first–exercise! then i must knit. orders coming in right and left. i sometimes wish there were two or three of me running around so (we) could get more done in less time. but, that’s not possible.

keeping up with things is what I love about my life. it’s never dull, always busy…i love to be in charge of my day whether it’s harried or slow-moving. my knitting keeps me stress-free, if there is such a thing. knitting is the avenue to getting what I want out of my online store. my store is growing and becoming popular amongst my customers. i’ve shipped as far as Norway and as close as my own home town.

so, put your dancin’ shoes on and make the most of your harried day or better yet, dance like nobody is watching.

how about you? how do you keep up with your life…i’d love to know.

as I always say,

knit on!


2 Replies to “keeping up”

  1. You are so fortunate to be able to be in charge of your day!!!
    It is now my 5th day off & I no longer want to go back to work. I am soooo ready to retire (only 25 years early!!!)
    BTW: love your Blog Background!!! (note to self…figure out how to make them!)

    Tat 🙂

  2. Tat, I am fortunate thanks to the most understanding man EVER! I never this for granted, not one day. I know your frustration, but 25 years isn't that long, right?



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