finding hidden treasures in the town you visit

this about sums it up, doesn’t it? i mean, when one travels, and one has a hot button for finding crafting supplies, yarn in my case, one goes on the hunt for the nearest store, right?

well, i found a michaels in the large town of orlando, fl; there is absolutely no yarn shops in the general area. i’m thinking because it’s so hot these people have taken to other forms of entertainment; pools, disney, malls, and grocery stores.

i believe the people that live here either have secret places they hang out at, and i have no idea how to get to, or they just plain stay inside since the temperatures (and humidity) are so high.

though, i’m not afraid to plug in a certain destination and head there. i have to say, however, that the traffic here is somewhat impossible to hang with at various times of the day–therefore, i stay inside, or around the nearest pool.

so, as i always say,

knit on! (or in this case…the hunt is on!)


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