Knitting, Reading, and other Random Thoughts

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I did say there would be random thoughts, right?

As I was driving down the road, my husband calls. I answer the phone with, “This is Debbie’s help desk, how may I assist you today.” I went on to tell him of the constant phone calls asking for my help in one matter or another. I gasped while talking to him and he became silent. “A car backfired, I think I’m being shot at,” I rambled. He laughed out loud and told me to slow down; not my speed mind you, my talking. He asked how many cups of coffee I drank, I proceeded to explain I had one cup but then I worked out. Maybe that was the reason for the non-stop-jabbering.

What am I currently reading? Can a girl really only have one book going at once? Hardly…
I’m reading a book everyone says I must, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.” They, the Washington Post, calls it suspenseful, intelligent, and utterly engrossing. The jury’s still out on this book for me. I’ll up date you when it’s over.
The other book is called “Hard to Handle.” Picture a gorgeous man on the cover. Yes, romance. Steamy, entertaining, and full of, well…you know.So, the topic of knitting takes us to a close. I’m currently at work on baby washcloths, dishcloths, lace scarf, and PTBD (projects to be determined). As you all know I do love to knit. My mind races with everything from above while doing it.
Random thoughts, reading and knitting are three things that go on daily in my life/head. What goes on in your head/life each day? What do you ramble on about?

So, as I always say, Knit On! or in the case, Ramble on!


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