Inspirationn is Everywhere

Ever wonder where writers get their “stuff”?

Inspiration comes from everywhere. I love to re-charge my brain by sitting in Starbucks (notice a theme with my postings?) and listening to conversations, or hanging outside while people pass by complaining about their newest girlfriend or the day they had. The thought that this could possibly end up in someone’s book doesn’t even cross their mind. My pen to paper, I take notes.

How about family members, newspaper articles, magazine ads, the server that just plunked your meal down in front of you then huffed off to check on her next table. Maybe the teller at the bank who’s scantily dressed and every time she reaches across the counter her breasts fall out of her top. I love the one where you sit waiting in the airport for your next flight and observe all the young/and not-so-young people “texting” on their phones, but not without a grin. Ever wonder what that was all about?

I’d love to hear what other sources of information you have whether you’re a writer or not. Perhaps you’d care to share with me? Any new way of capturing story ideas would be another adventure. Inspiration is Everywhere!

So, as I always say,

Write On!


3 thoughts on “Inspirationn is Everywhere”

  1. A lot of my inspiration comes from nature: a mountain hike, a walk in the woods, or just sitting on my porch watching the birds visit my feeder. In fact, my feathered visitors have inspired a whole children’s series for me: “My Backyard Friends Series”. The first book features Heather Hummingbird and Ethan Eagle, but the series will include others, such as, Charlie Chickadee, Nicholas Nuthatch, Bobby Bluebird, Henry Hummingbird and many more. All developed from sitting quietly and observing their daily activities as they visited my feeders.

  2. You are so right. I was sitting on the train yesterday and it was amazing how a poem on the ‘art on the underground’ displays managed to capture my thoughts and imagination. It made me think about how I could make my poems more effective through better word choice and starting sentences a little differently.

    I also took time to soak up the people around me, silent but definately carrying a story. I tried to make up little stories for each of them and it was quite fascinating; even if it made me look like a loony, smiling to myself on the train. xx

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