On Writing Romance

It’s not till you look at the calendar, do you realize how much time has passed since you’ve last posted to your blog…in my case, my blog. Sheesh… I’ve been busy plotting, planning, and preparing for the writing of my newest novel. I don’t have a title yet, but it will come.

Titles make or break a novel, but my idea for the book developed from the man who came to install my screen door. Read on…

I was sitting in my chair which faces the front door waiting for his arrival, since he said it would be around 8:00am . . . I wanted to be ready.  I was knitting, when I heard footsteps come up my front stairs. I set down my knitting and started to get up when I saw him; dark hair, dark eyes, a masculine physique, face chiseled right out of a magazine ad, and well…you get the picture.

I opened the door as he smiled his pearly whites at me. “Hi, I’m Nate and I’m here to install your screen door.” Really? I thought. You’re coming to my house? “Of course, I told him. I’ll be upstairs in my loft if you need anything,” I managed to say.

The rest is history so to speak. From that moment on, I knew the perfect Protagonist for a story. The perfect heartthrob to one very elegant woman, Elle, owner of her own fashion design company of lingerie. Their story takes place in one of the countries most fun cities, Chicago, and the fireworks will be amazing. Sounds fun, huh? I can’t wait to begin work on this story.

I’d suggest you bookmark my blog as you’ll begin to see how one man can influence so many women with just his scent alone.

So, as i always say, Write On!


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