I am in awe of a 3 year old who knows what she wants. I’m talking about my granddaughter, Jasmine. We went to dinner last night, her, myself and my friend, the server asked each of us what we were having tonight, and Jasmine looks up at her and says, “Umm, a hot-gog and fries.” She was pointing to the picture as she so boldly stated her request. A 3 year old that orders her own…priceless.

After she devoured her hot-gog and fries, we headed over to the craft store, where she casually mentions she won’t be sitting in a cart, “Grandma, I walk”, she states. So off we go, side by side, pooh clutched under her tiny arm, a slight bounce to her step.

Just as we round the corner, she snatches a bag of licorice off the rack and states, “I need this, I carry it”, and once again, off we go. As we make it to the yarn department, she obviously knows what this is. “Grandma, you make me a hat?” She so casually asks. I nod in response as we locate the yarn she feel is perfect, not quite right, I’m thinking to myself. Her skills in picking colors for my dishcloths, on the other hand, is right-on. “Grandma, you need this?” as she hands me the red color. “No,” I reply. “Grandma, you need this one?” she smiles up at me as she hands me the natural colored one. “Yes, that’s perfect,” I say to her. She couldn’t be more happy that she has now been a big part of the color search.

So, next time you have the opportunity to shop with a 3 year old, I’d recommend it, it gives one a whole new perspective from their world.

So, as I always say,

Knit On! or in this case, Shop On!


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