The line from the Alpaca to the knitter is so intriguing to me.

It tells me that if one individual didn’t raise these beautiful creatures, there wouldn’t be any fibers for us knitters to knit with. Right? How about the spinners of these luscious fibers? They too, are so important in the process, because once again, if they weren’t spun, us knitters wouldn’t have any fibers to knit with. And lastly, the yarn shop . . . if the yarn shops didn’t sell the fibers that the spinners spun, that the Alpaca farms didn’t raise, then us knitters wouldn’t have the fibers to knit with.

See how this works?Knitting puts me in my happy place; a place to rekindle me, a place to relax me. How about you? Do you knit? What else do you do to relax? Do you love to find that happy place to rekindle you? I’d love to know…

Leave me a comment of your relaxation process, whether you knit or other, and I’ll draw a name for a fabulous fiber. But of course, there’s a catch . . . there must be at least 10 of you that leaves a comment. Just sayin’.

So, as I always say,

Knit On!


2 Replies to “Connection process”

  1. There's an alpaca farm on my drive into Boulder, and I love seeing those fuzzy creatures out there in the pasture, chomping down on the grass next to a field of cows. Some of them have REALLY long hair, and I can't help but imagine how fun it would be to knit with that yarn when it's shorn!

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