Share the Love of Knitting with Others

. . . is so satisfying to me. I’ve recently been asked by several friends to teach them how to knit. Of course! I told them . . . I’d love to share the art of knitting.

Knitting is an art. It’s said that when you knit a sweater or a scarf with your own hands, and give it to a loved one, it signifies love that you feel towards them. So, I get why others want to learn this relaxing/fun craft. The magic that is created by different yarns (fibers), stitches, textures, is an art that enthusiasts get to create and use their imagination. You can take a pattern for example, use a different stitch, add a pom-pom, embroider a snowflake on the hat, and it gives the original design a whole new look.

The needles that can be used come in bamboo, acrylic, glass, or circular. And depending on the size of the needle will depend on what type of stitch you get. A larger needle gives you a larger stitch, and a smaller needle gives you a smaller stitch . . . you get it.

Not only do the needles come in different sizes but the yarn does too. You have lace weight, light weight, DK or medium weight, bulky, or chunky. There are many varieties that run in between all these too. It’s important to read the label of your yarn so that you know what needle size works best for your yarn, therefore allowing the project to come out exactly as it’s supposed to.

Your pattern will give you a needle size and tell you it has to be so many stitches per inch…This is known as gauge. Compare label of yarn to your pattern, and it should work.

Example: Size 7 needle gives you 5 stitches/inch
Size 8 needle gives you 4.5 stitches/inch
Size 9 needle gives you 4 stitches/inch
Size 10 needle gives you 3.5 stitches/inch

Get it??? So my advice is to follow what your pattern is trying to tell you and check the gauge to make sure your product will turn out like you’d hoped.

So, why mention all this when this post was supposed to be about sharing the love of knitting with others… I just want to instill in every knitter, new or seasoned, that gauge plays a huge role in how your item turns out.

So, as I always say,

Knit On!


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