I’m just sayin’

Status: Realized that today is the day they put the ‘no texting in the car while driving’ law into affect.  Drinking my coffee. Going through todays plans for writing.

Like most people, texting in the car is something we’ve learned over the years of cell phones. We just do it and don’t think of the consequences. We’re driving down the road, our cell phone blings indicating a message. We reach for our phone, while taking our eyes off the road to see who’s texting. No, we can’t wait for the next red light or perhaps until we get to our destination, we have to respond back immediately. This leaves us vulnerable on the road, they say.

This is the  cause of accidents and the reason lawmakers put this into affect. Ya think? Okay, I’m guilty. Are you? I’m sure everyone has been at one time or another. Let’s get this conversation started . . .

Status Update: Coffee cup empty.

My plans for today strictly includes–writing. Yes, I’ve been guilty of that lately. Well, I mean . . . guilty of not writing. Holiday, kids, grandkids, (more) kids, husbands–you know what I’m sayin’. So, in order for me to stay focused I need to sit my bottom in the chair and get my fingers moving along the keyboard. Easier said that done sometimes, but it’s for my own good.

“Mom? You there?” No, guess not. It’s just something we’ve been told since we could understand the English language.

Writing is my mission today. Shelby has more to say along the lines of her mom and their great RV adventure across the US. So stayed plugged into my blog as I uncover snippets of their fun, but zany adventure.

So, as I always say,

Write On!


4 thoughts on “I’m just sayin’”

  1. I am getting better about waiting for a red light. 🙂 So now maybe we need phones that translate our talking into text?? The electronic leash gets shorter and shorter…

  2. So, I just returned from getting a taco salad and just as I was rounding the corner, I hear the bling…no, don’t do it! I didn’t. I waited. I think we’ll all be good (for now) till the newness wears off of this new law. Maybe not though. Thanks for commenting, Steph.

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