As you know, I can’t just have, well . . . just 2 projects on the needle. I had to add a third.

I’m so excited about his scarf. I can’t decide whether to put it in a “Chunky” category of it’s own, on my Etsy site (www.theartfulyarn.etsy.come), or create a fun and eclectic category for the “Teen Scene.” I’m thinking that this scarf would be perfect around the neck of any hip teen wanting to dress-up their coat or outfit. I know I would, or will I should say, and I way beyond the teen scene. I plan on wearing this one out when it’s finished.

It knits up fast due to the the “toddler size” needle #15. My husband and I laughed as I mentioned I felt like a knitter with training wheels. The original pattern called for a size 19.

19!?!? I said out loud. I don’t have a 19. So as I read further into the pattern the artist said, use the largest ones you have. So, after digging through my needle stash, which there are a lot of, I found the 15.

This makes for a beautiful pattern as you can see. And the yarn is variegated, so the striping is falling nicely into place; light pink, dark pink, shades of purple, and winter white.

Hmm . . . now, what to call it. Any thoughts?

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