Knit faster…you won’t run out of yarn

My knitting group is full of stories, so when I’m sitting there knitting, I have my listening ears on. My friend was telling this story…Oh, it’s funny!

The teenager goes out one evening to hang with her friends. It’s getting late and she hasn’t arrived home yet. (My friend) says to her husband the he needs to go find her. Husband gets in the car and begins to drive down the road. Approaching him on the other side is a fast moving car. He swirls his head around and says, “That looks like (daughter).” He then notices a cop car chasing after this fast moving car.

Husband turns the car around and heads back in the direction of home. Just as he approaches the house, he sees that (daughter) has arrived home, but the cop was sitting behind her. Husband pulls into the driveway, looks over his shoulder, and notices the cop pull away. Odd, he thought.

After getting out of the car and approaching the (daughter’s) car, he asks the (daughter) why she was driving so fast…

She replies, “Dad, (friend) told me that if you drive fast, you won’t run out of gas.”

Husband shook his head.

So the same theory can be applied to our knitting, girls…

If you knit fast enough, you won’t run out of yarn.

As I always say,

Knit On!


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