Obsessed with lace

I have an addiction . . . yes, I know what you’re thinking–it’s not that! It’s knitting. I could spend hours upon hours with bamboo knitting needles in my hand, creating the most luscious scarves ever!

The coolest thing for me right now is lace. I’m knitting lace scarves using 5 different patterns. No, silly, not at the same time–one at a time. I’ll have to give them away as gifts. I can’t possibly fit them all in my closet or even think I’ll wear them all. I just love to knit them!

My thinking is — I want everyone to know how to knit these. The yarn feels yummy in your hands; soft. They knit together very easily. I’m quite fond of my new style of knitting. I’d love to teach others to love it as well. Talk about relaxation . . . that’s the best part. What better way to bring your heart rate down after yelling at your kids, dog, or maybe even your husband. It’s even a great way to get out of cooking dinner . . . “honey, I can’t right now, I have to finish this row.” And 5 rows later he’s eaten his frozen pizza or bowl of cereal and you didn’t have to cook.

So, grab a chair, a size 4 pair of bamboo knitting needles and fingering weight yarn and call me. We, together, can help you create the best gift ever to a friend or even to yourself. I guarantee it!

Happy Knitting . . .

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