Umbrella Disaster(s)

So, my friend Jax tells me I’ve not been here in awhile. Okay, maybe I haven’t. Not a whole lot going on in my life, except for yesterday.

I have been spending a lot of my extra time knitting. As you all know, I love that.

I was sitting on my porch, enjoying the afternoon sun when out of nowhere a gust of wind appeared dragging  my basket 6 inches from where I sat. I bent down to pull it back when I noticed my 9 foot steel umbrella rocking back and forth on it’s base. What the? I stumbled over my basket trying to get up to stable it. Just as I grabbed for the handle to wind it down, the wind took the top and bent it right over. Oh crap! I yelled for my daughter to come help. While waiting, it collapsed on my head leaving a nice bump. Ouch! That hurt.

Between the two of us we were able to stand it up right when another gust whipped it back down again causing it to break at the base.

Unbelievable! This steel 9 foot expensive umbrella is now in 3 pieces. Can you believe this?

I looked over at my neighbors deck and noticed nothing had been touched. I guess me, who sits on the end, was a nice target for this not so nice wind gust. It lasted 60 seconds and was done.

Then . . . I had coffee with a photographer friend of mine at Starbucks. As we approached the counter, a man was telling his umbrella story. That same wind caused a Starbucks umbrella to fly out of its stand and pierce itself through the front window of a suburban. It tore up the interior door. Nobody was in it at the time.

Did you ever think winds here in Colorado could be so destructive? You’d think we live in Chicago they way they act.

So, I knit again, this time without the overhang of my umbrella.

One Reply to “Umbrella Disaster(s)”

  1. Girlfriend!! Stay AWAY from the umbrellas!!!! I’ll try to remember this incident the next time we are out and near ANY kind of umbrella fixture!!!

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