The Knitting Room

You know, I love to spend the morning hours on a Tuesday knitting with my friends. They make me laugh, cry–if I’m laughing to hard or just having a bad day, eat chocolate, learn new patterns, become aware of new yarns out there, and introduce me to new books they’ve just purchased. They know I’m a writer and I threaten to put each and everyone of them into a new novel.

Which, by the way, is in the works. A sequel to Beyond the Rhinestone is now in the planning stages. The content is coming together. It will include a yummo recipe in the back. (details for the recipe to come — thanks, Jackie…wink…wink)

I find myself melting into the chair seated next to someone, who like myself, loves to talk. We discuss life events, to include children and husbands. We discuss our current projects and upcoming projects.

We wonder through the store, Table Rock Llama to figure out what we may want to purchase. The owners are so warm and welcoming, it makes the morning even more enjoyable.

Today we had a pot luck with lots of yummy recipes to share. I, of course, brought my favorite . . . spinach dip.

As a writer, I find myself velcro’d to a chair pounding out words to one of my new novels each day, while awaiting news of which agent will represent me. My life is full. My life is fabulous. But, without my Tuesday girls, my life wouldn’t be complete. So thank you to all my friends who make Tuesday such a fabulous day, and a day to look forward to each week.

One Reply to “The Knitting Room”

  1. Awwwwww….too nice!! We are a pretty cool group, I agree. I am so glad you joined us and the craziness!!

    Come on you silly agent people…this girl is a gem!!

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