Pikes Peak Writer’s Conference

I’m slouched in my reading chair tonight, laptop propped on my legs, and sipping on something cold. I’m trying to recover from a  fun-filled, energy-filled, and education-filled, 3 day long writer’s conference. I can’t express the feeling one gets when you sit in the hotel’s lobby and observe the some 300 attendees wondering the halls all looking for their next workshop, possibly their pitch appointment, maybe lunch, could be their newest publisher friend, or potentially the restroom, all clutching their notbooks tightly to their chest.

The information that attacked my brain was inspirational. The new ideas that will help me launch my next project, or possibly my current project re-write.

The staff was amazing, the food was incredible (tender pieces of chicken wrapped in a spinach tortilla, embellished with greens and veggies, for example), and the speakers were filled with nuggets of ideas to help us in our writing careers.

My goal this week is to take what I learned and put it to use; re-writing my first page to my completed manuscript, continue working on my middle-grade childrens mystery novel, and begin work on the mystery novel conceived one night as I was bellied up to the bar.

As a writer, I am always learning. I love to create works of  fiction that capture my readers attention. With the knowledge I’ve come away with, I plan to implement immediately.  For those writers reading this post, I encourage you to dig deep in your pocket and head to the next writer’s conference in your area. You won’t be disappointed.

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