Potty Chair shopping trip postponed

Today was a snowy day, a day that kept me and Jasmine inside. Well, it might have been for the best, she wasn’t feeling well. However, my plan was to get the princess all dolled up and take her shopping for her birthday present; a new potty. Yes, it’s time to potty train. The dreaded experience for most parents. Luckily for me, I’m the grandma. I just get to assist. Mommy gets to do the tricks, I get to cheer her on. Those cute princess undies? Can’t wait. She, of course, is Princess Jasmine and she will do it in her own time frame. She shows a desire, but you never know with a princess. Have you ever lived with one?

Stayed Tuned,  I’ll update you on the progress…

One Reply to “Potty Chair shopping trip postponed”

  1. I have lived the better part of my life in a ‘princess’ houshold. I know exactly what you mean, my queen. LOL LOL Love you, could not resist

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