It’s a stitch!

A knitting group by any other name would be called Stitch n ’bitch. A fabulous group of women all come together and just knit or crochet. Mostly women in this case. The youngest is 15 and the oldest – well, I’m not going there. I’ve known about these groups for along time but until I became addicted, I knew they weren’t so cool. Now, well – they are cool, in fact, very fun, this is a way to relax and enjoy the company of those that love to do what I do.

Ok, picture this. I pull up in front a house. Even if I didn’t knit, I’d stop by out of curiosity just to see the inside. This house has been turned into a yarn shop. Each room is filled with colorful yarns, needles, book and just great stuff. Attached to the house is another building. I enter through the door to find a table filled with women doing their craft. But mostly, chatting. How fun I thought!

I am greeted by a cheery woman who says, “Hi”. I introduce myself as Debbie. I am drawn in with such a warm feeling.

We spend two hours together in a relaxed setting that when I walk away, I know I’ll be back.

“Come back next week,” my new friends yells.

“I definitely will.”

Smiling to myself, I fling my beautiful Lauren Bercher bag over my shoulder. “definitely.”

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