Winter Wonderland

Today we awoke to beautiful snow that had fallen over night. The soft flurries glide to ground covering everything in white. I love this time of year but only when I can view it from inside my windows. I love to watch it pile up. A steaming mug of hot chocolate is perfect on a day like this. A fire casts shadows on the room while adding warmth.

I’ve been procrastinating on what I know needs to be done; editing my novel. I’m about half way though with the first pass. My novel is written well – if I don’t say so myself. I’ve really become attached to Shelby and her edginess. I’ll continue to edit this week until my sister arrives on Thursday.

Stay tuned to ‘Out of the box’ where you’ll be able to read exerpts from this amazing piece…

Much warmth to you on this cold November day,


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