The night was closing in; it was time to lock up and head to bed. Nestled alongside my honey, I was awaked just before 3:00am by sirens; lots of loud sirens. They kept coming with no end in site. Lying there, I’m propped on my pillow trying to figure out where they are all going. Like the Dr. Suess book, “Go dogs Go”, big dogs, little dogs, black dogs, white all going to a dog party. Well, in this case, I’m sure it’s not a dog party; it’s something much more serious. (and not as much fun, I’m thinking) I jump from my bed running through the house to peak out the windows hoping to see something. My fear creaping in, pretty fast I might add. Was it my house? No – Was it a neighbors house? No – there was no smoke that I could see. Was it the shopping plaza? Maybe – Was it the building in the front of our complex? Maybe – but I hope not. I had no idea and it was driving me crazy.

We live in condos off of Rockrimmon and if one goes, the entire lot will go. I was afraid. My husband tossed and turned. I jumped back into bed shaking him, “Can you hear the sirens?” I asked, “Where do you think it is? Can you smell smoke?” He said not to worry, and he rolled over.

Hmmm – I took off back downstairs to make sure it wasn’t one of “us”. Pacing back and forth, upstairs then downstairs, back to the window, I still see nothing. Panic is creeping in, my heart is racing; this is just to close for comfort, I think to myself.

The sirens sounded as though they were right next door, I knew it had to be near. I heard whatever it was, crumbling… to the ground… kkk – splat. kkk – splat. Something was burning and burning fast. Sounded alot like a burning building. Going through my mind the buildings around us, I hadn’t imagines it would have been the townhomes across from us.

I finally went back upstairs, now close to 4:00am. Things were beginning to calm down. I pushed back my curtains to close the window. By then, the smoke smell was filling our room. I glanced up over our rooftop and saw billowing clouds of black smoke. Whatever it was, it sure was burning hot and heavy.

Crawling back into bed, I finally can fall asleep, but not until the circling helicopter stops his trek over our house. Will this night ever end? I hope whomever’s house is burning will be okay.

Morning skies shine bright blue, as if nothing happend. I walk downstairs and turn on the news hoping to hear what had happened. The report stated that the townhomes off of Rockrimmon and Delmonico had gone up in flames. Many in a row all burned. It had been a 4 alarm fire, which means 4 stations were called. How devastating? And at this time of year? I counted my blessings that it wasn’t us. But I couldn’t help thinking of all those homeless people. The reporter also stated that residents in the Rockrimmon area were out in their pajamas and slippers. Oh – how I wish I would have done that. Maybe I could have slept knowing what it was. No – I would have stayed to watch, it’s the photographer in me, probably would have had my camera as well.

This brings us to believe that the things we take for granted can be taken from us in a split second; in this case 1 hour. The townhomes, the covered parking and many cars were all burned, like in a horror movie, even lives can be taken. I prayed that the families had gotten out in time, only to find out 1 woman didn’t. How sad and for what? We’ll never know.

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